As mentioned in my First impressions post, here is our detailed review on PlayFit SW75 Smartwatch / Fitness band.

Design and Build: At this price range of Rs. 2999/-, this is one of the device which has a decent build quality and the design is pretty impressive and mostly inspired by the Apple watch, not that we are complaining, its looks pretty good on wrist when looked from other’s view. The watch has complete stainless-steel casing with square form factor and curved edges which gives premium and bezel-less look. On either side of the watch there is a button each which has a nice finishing comprising the textures which is easy to operate even with blind folds. One operates as a power / back button, another on left side could be used to perform one click starts to our exercise routines like walking, jogging etc., as per the preferences we set. The strap of the watch is also decently built using the Silicon material and uses double socket buckle which could be easily replaced with just a push of the pin. Overall, this startup has done a pretty decent job by creating a watch keeping small nitty-gritty details which an end user might expect in the device he purchases. Kudos to them.

Performance: PlayFit SW75 is powered by Nordic chip-set nFR52840 for strong scalability, smoother operation with high precision sensors and algorithms for accurate monitoring. Playfit SW75 can track the modes like walking, jogging, hiking, climbing, treadmill, badminton, workout, spinning, yoga, basketball, football, tennis, dance, heart rate monitor, sleep etc., It could track the step and jog counters accurately as well as the sleep monitors are reliable. The heart rate monitor also works perfectly. As we mentioned earlier in our First impressions post, this watch is water resistant upto 50m and during our testing , it fared well and operated as expected after rinsing the water off from the watch. The display of the device is also quite elegant and works absolutely fine even under the sunlight and thanks to the Lift wrist screen on feature which doesn’t require one to press any kind of button if he wants to check out the time etc., even while on move.

Features: Other than the standard fitness band features, this watch also comes with some cool functions like Female health care where women can track their menstrual cycles. Music control using which you can skip tracks, go back to previous track or play/pause the music, calorie consumption monitoring, get reminders from your synced smartphone’s call, SMS, whatsapp, twitter etc., the sedentary alert feature is also very nifty and handy which reminds to move when you are idle for long time. There is a option to choose different watch faces, however they have provided very limited options with only 4 types of those. And few other notable features are Breath guide which guides us to take a deep breathe up-to 2 minutes for quick relaxation, mobile phone finder and alarm clock.

Battery: Playfit is backed by a 210 mAH battery and although the company claims the working time of 10-15 days, during our testing the device could hold the backup up to 7 days when all features like continuous heart rate monitor, lift wrist screen sense sensor etc., and of course when the device is constantly paired with your smartphone. This is pretty decent enough backup which a smart watch can give for a power user. If you are a moderate user, it might hold up for 10 to 15 days as per the company’s claim. We are not disappointed though with the battery backup which this watch offers.

PlayFit application overview: An user can install PlayFit application from either of Playstores from Apple or Android and sync up with the device in just one click, if the watch is in close proximity and your smartphone’s Bluetooth is ON, it would automatically connect to it without any user intervention. As I have an Android phone for testing purposes, I could brief about the Android application, but it should be the same features and functionalities on iOS also. Application UI and features looks simplistic and straight forward which helps even a layman to operate without much fuss. There is a homepage which gives an overview of how much calories you’ve burnt, the kilometers walked and the activity duration upfront under the tab ‘Activities’, next to it is Sleep tab and Heart rate tabs which also shows the summary for the day, and if you want to see the check different day data, just click the drop down on top of the screen and also you can check out the historical data and trend in ‘Details’ tab at the bottom. The trend analysis is neatly done and in easily understandable manner. One can change the settings etc., by clicking on the ‘Device’ tab where they can choose to turn on or off certain features like call alert, sedentary alert, alarm, SNS, choose the app for music control etc., Inside ‘users’ tab, an user can set their targets and also there is an option to share the data to third party programs like Google Fit and Strava. On the home page, there is a quick button to share your progress with your friends on Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Verdict: Playfit SW75 is one of the decent smartwatch / fitness band if you don’t want to put too much money on Smart wearable and still want to make use of the technology for tracking your fitness goals etc., And with the competitive price of under INR 3000/- , this is definitely a worth purchase and not disappointing.

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