OnePlus 5 had launched their flagship device of this year 2017 in June and we got an opportunity to review a variant consisting of 128 GB internal storage with 8 GB RAM and here are our detailed review on this device.

Design and Build: OnePlus 5 is one of the beautiful etched product from OnePlus factory which is built to perfection. The device is a fully metallic unibody built with anodized aluminum and the device which we got for review is Midnight black with 128 GB storage and 8GB RAM which looks absolutely stunning in hand. The Smartphone is pretty slim and easy to hold and even operating using one hand is pretty convenient. Coming to basic aesthetics and components on the device itself, there is a power / unlock button on the right side , adjacent to that is a sim tray which can hold two nano SIM cards, and the volume rocker on the left , also there is an dedicated alert slider on the left of the device which could be used to set different alert profiles as per the requirement. On top side of the device , there is nothing and at the bottom, things are kind of cramped with a 3.5 mm audio jack, USB C type port , speaker grill and microphone. At the Front bottom of the screen, there is a finger print scanner in between two capacitive touch buttons. On the back of the device , at the top right side corner of the device , there is a dual camera and a LED flash. A noise cancelling microphone also located in between the camera and flash. A simple OnePlus Logo underneath that makes device look elegant. OnePlus has conveniently embedded a almost invisible aerial line at the top of the device above the camera. No need to specially mention that device absolutely looks premium and why not? It is their flagship model and OnePlus has done everything to make it look fantastic. Overall, we absolutely loved the design and build quality of OnePlus 5.

Display: OnePlus 5 comes with only Full HD 5.5″ Optic Amoled display with pixel density of 401 dpi unlike the competitors who are shipping with either 2K displays or even Quad HD displays on their flagships. However, a FHD display is also nothing inferior and it looks good with a 2.5D finish and with Gorilla glass protection. The display looks is bright and vivid even under bright sunlight and the viewing angles are great. Colors are not over saturated and it gives perfect output on the screen. The unit which we got for review already came with a tampered glass protection, so we actually couldn’t test if the actual surface of the display is a finger print magnet or if could handle the minor scratches or not. Watching high quality movies and playing FHD games on this device is an absolute treat to our eyes. Thanks to the night mode and reading modes on Oxygen OS of OnePlus, it’s less harsh on eyes even if one wants to read it look at the screen during nights or in dark locations. We have no complaints in display department on OnePlus 5 except only one which is the multi-touch where the display allows only upto 3 fingers maximum unlike even a low cost mobiles has multi-touch facility atleast upto 8 fingers. Of Course, another thing is, they might have housed high resolution displays, but I guess this is decent enough.
Hardware and Performance: OnePlus 5 is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa core processors in which 4 cores are clocked at 1.9 GHz and remaining 4 cores clocked at 2.46 GHz with Adreno 540 GPU for brilliant gaming purposes. And to top it up, it is backed with massive 8 GB of RAM. What else a power user of a smartphone can dream about and expect in his phone ? As we said in the title, this device is a Powerhouse when comes to the performance. We didn’t observe any slowness or lag whatsoever even while having literally 80 to 100 applications running in background and doing the multi tasking. At any point of time, there was an average of at least 3 GB RAM was available for utilization . Gaming is absolutely fun on OnePlus 5 without any glitch or stutters even having the graphic settings of the games to highest quality. The device can play even 4K content with ease. Well, there were news floating around when the device was launched about OnePlus meddling with benchmark scores etc., If it were true, OnePlus didn’t have to even try it as it really doesn’t matter when they device actually performs well in any given scenario. However, just for reviews, we also ran the benchmark tests using different tools and here are the scores for reference. Apart from the processor, the device call quality is crisp and clear , finger print scanner is fast and unlocks within a blink of an eye under 0.2 seconds, audio output from the external speaker is loud enough to watch videos or listen to music in a 12 x 12 feet room comfortably. Overall, we will give full marks on the performance factors OnePlus 5.
Camera: OnePlus 5 comes with 16MP + 20 MP dual camera combo in rear and a 16 MP front camera for selfies. Again, a best in the class sensors are equipped in the device which is a photographer’s dream machine to carry while he/she is on move and don’t have to worry about carrying a bulky cameras and accessories in order to shoot stunning pictures. While the camera itself clicks clear and stunning photos which perfect color reproduction , the portrait mode is the attraction of the camera in order to click pictures with bokeh effect. Does the job decently as promised and we could click some great portrait images also. Thanks to OnePlus constant OS updates which helped for stabilization in video recordings also, even with light shaky hands, the videos which shot using OnePlus 5 gave nice output which is commendable. The camera app comes with some basic modes like Panorama, portrait, slow motion and time lapse. One can shoot up to 4K videos and up to 720p videos in slow motion mode. Front camera clicks some good selfies too in well lit and moderately lit conditions also. The pro mode gives a photographer to play around with different settings like ISO, white balance etc., in order to get a perfect picture for him in different conditions. In camera department, while we appreciate the minimalistic functions, there users who loves fancy features offered by different competitors would feel missing them out and should look for or depend on 3rd party camera applications . Below are some pictures which we #ShotOnOnePlus5
Software and Features: OnePlus comes with Android Nougat 7.1.1 out of the box along with their Oxygen OS 4.5.1 version layer. The OS is as close as to Stock Android experience without any gimmicky features or applications on it. Few notable and useful features on Oxygen OS are Reading Mode, Night mode, Gaming do not disturb mode, Tap and Pay, gesture support like double tap to wake , 3 finger screenshot ,flip to mute , etc., From the home screen, swiping to right gives access to Shelf where one can get access to different widgets and even add their favorite widgets for quick access. It gives access to your recent contacts, recent apps , dashboard , Google now cards, etc, at just a swipe to the right. The Shelf is a useful add-on to the User experience. If you don’t wish to have it, one cal disable the same also but just toggling a soft switch by opening the home settings by long pressing anywhere in the home screen . Added to these, there are few more settings which users can fiddle around are like enabling on-screen navigation bar, swapping the order of recent and back buttons, assigning different functionalities/actions like Open or close menu, turn off screen, open camera, voice search, open last used app, open shelf, open or close split screen et., to the home, recent and back buttons when long pressed or double tapped. Overall, we are impressed with the UX and the features it offers. Power users has lot of scope to play around with various settings and the inbuilt features of stock Android itself.

Battery: The OnePlus 5 houses a moderate 3300 mAH battery under the hood which supports the proprietary dash charge feature of OnePlus. One of the best innovation is the dash charge which charges the phone from 0 to 100% just under 90 minutes and one doesn’t have to charge their phone over night anymore. If we don’t find even 1 hour time during morning hours to charge the phone , a quick 30 minutes charging the phone is enough for a day long battery juice . We could easily get 24 hours battery backup during heavy usage and upto 48 hours backup during moderate usage and calls. During our test on non-stop HD video playback with brightness sent to 100℅ , we got backup of 10 hours before it gave up which is pretty commendable. We didn’t observe any heating issues during prolonged gaming or entertainment. Overall, on this device even with such a powerful hardware components, the battery performance is really good and commendable.

Conclusion: If you are a power user who craves for performance and doesn’t really bother about the less display resolution compared to competitors, this device is definitely for you. The pricing of the 128 GB / 8GB variant is just right and I don’t think it’s overpriced for what the device offers in terms of performance and hardware. I would leave upto user’s discretion whether to go for it or not. While we are writing this review, there are already few devices from Sony , Nokia etc., with this SOC are out in the market any many more in pipeline which users may want to check out also before zeroing in one.
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