I wonder how many times I have kept on searching for my Wallet, Keys or my electric shaver and its charging unit at home when I either throw them at random places or forget it by keeping it somewhere in my home and kept asking different folks at home about those and end up going to office either by flicking money from other’s wallet, and start my bike using the backup key and go to office without shave. How I wish I could have an assistance from my smartphone which could just show me where is it actually and get my job done ? Thanks to Dromos BT tracker device from Dzone Lifestyles which is a savior in these kind of situations. I got an opportunity from the brand to review one of their unit and here is my thoughts and experience with the same.
Dromos BT is a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy powered device which is powered by a CR 2032 Lithium Button Cell which is easily replaceable and widely available in market. The device works upto 30 meters range and has a sound level of 100 decibles at a distance of one meter. The device size is just 38 mm x 38 mm x 6 mm and weighs just 9 grams including the cell. There are two color choices available which are Pink and Black. The device is compatible with both Android and IOS devices which has above Android 4.3 and iOS 8.0 respectively. The device is priced at Rs. 999/- per piece and there are certain offers when you buy multiple devices. Check out the offers on their website.
Coming to understand the features of the device and my experience with them, design of the device is very simplistic, its a square device with rounded edges and is made of plastic. The device is very light and its not an additional burden along with your belongings which you tie it up with.
Dromos BT can be tagged with any of your important things like bags, wallets, keys or any objects which you think you forget them and needs to be tracked quickly. All one has to do is to either attach the Dromos BT using the key ring with string which provided inside the box or use some alternate method of attachments like using glue or something. Then, download an app depending on which smartphone you own, could be either Apple device or Android. Unfortunately, there is no support to Windows and Blackberry devices. Put in the battery by opening Dromos BT using a small screw driver or something similar and power it on by pressing the power on button for 2 seconds till it beeps twice. Now, run the Dromos App on your smartphone, search for it and pair it. All these steps just takes under 5 minutes and you are good to go. Now whenever you forget your belonging somewhere, you just have to press the buzz button on your smartphone app to locate your belongings. The moment you press the buzz button on the app, the BT device will start beeping and voila! your relevant belonging is found.  One could pair upto 5 devices on their smartphones which is a great option. The functionality just works as expected, but one should be mindful about the claims made by the company about 30 meters distance which is mentioned in their website or manual. It works under certain conditions where there shouldn’t be any disturbances (like walls etc.,) on the line of sight between the phone and the device. In our testing, it surely worked for the distance upto 30 feet even where there is wall in between. Another good thing about this is, one can even find their smartphone if they misplaced somewhere using Dromos BT device by enabling the ‘Find me’ option in their app. If the distance between the Dromos BT and phone goes beyond the accepted distance, the phone will start alerting, that is another good indication that you have misplaced your required belonging.
Apart from the above said standard feature of any Bluetooth tracker, Dromos BT has two more important features which we would like to highlight which are SOS feature called ‘Call the help’ and the Remote control for your Smartphone camera feature. One can set up an emergency contact on their Dromos App on the smartphone which would empower the Dromos BT device to trigger an SOS (emergency) signal and sends the exact current location of the device to the contact which is saved in the using an SMS or even it will make a call without user having to take out their smartphone and dial the number. The device will send the google maps co-ordinates using which anyone who is set to receive the SMS. Only thing the user has to keep in mind if he wants to use the call feature is to set a default SIM for calling purpose if the device has a Dual-SIM inserted into it.  Right now, the emergency feature is only available on Andriod application and we are not sure when it would be available for iOS users.
The other feature which I love on Dromos BT is the Camera feature, once enabled that on your Smartphone, one can use your Dromos BT to click the picture remotely. This is very useful for the Selfie lovers and for the group pictures. One don’t have to leave anybody from their family in their group pictures if they have this remote trigger in their hand. It works just as expected. Also, this feature is very useful if you want to click some stealth pictures for evident collection.
Conclusion: The application interface is pretty simple and straight forward which even understandable for normal users. We are pretty impressed with the device features which it offers and at this price. The Dromos BT is definitely a steal deal.
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