SMAAASH, which was launched in 2012 is one of the most acclaimed gaming & entertainment center which comprises of Sports, dining, music, social experience and above all the most interesting is that way they have merged latest technology with the games to give real life experiences with their proprietary games and the latest is the integration with the virtual reality technology which gives enthralling experiences with the games and experiences like “Art of Attack”, “War on wheels”, Fly max, Finger coaster, Super keeper, Cricket, X2 motor racing simulator, Walk the plank etc., which are just to name a few.
At the blogger event organized by Smaaash, I could try out few games there and it was a thrilling experience where I could try out few VR experiences like Dinosaurs world, Vertigo, Finger Coaster, Motor racing simulator and played VR games like Art of attack. I must say the blend between technology and experience has nicely been built by Smaaash which gives some real life experience. One must try to experience “Dinosaurs world” and Virtigo for sure if you visit the place.  Also, one must try to play the Smaaash cricket which is a simulation game where the technology not only replicates the bowler’s action perfectly, but also the speed, spin and bounce they generate. The bowling action is accurately synchronized with Smaaash’s high tech bowling machine. The ball which they have used is made of polyurethane which made to look exactly like a cricketing leather ball. The high end cameras used in the simulation tracks the user move and they even offer replays of your play.  There are different levels of game which an user can choose like Amateur, beginner, county, international and professional where the speed and spin of the bowling varies. I definitely enjoyed playing the two overs which was offered to me and it gave a great feeling when I played and Smashed against the bowlers like Brett Lee and Lasith Malinga. 

There is a nice dining experience also available at Smaaash where one can try some of the delicious menu which are in offering. Smaaash is the perfect outing for the families, kids and for the party goers to spend some quality time by playing, eating and have great entertainment.  

Smaaash offers some great deals and packages for weekdays and weekends, one may check them out on their website in order to avail the same.
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