LeTV rebranded as LeEco has launched their much awaited flagship LeMax Smartphone touted as SuperPhone in India today at a grand event in Delhi at Kingdom of dreams.

The phone comes with a 6.33″ HD  display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels at  464 pixels per inch.  The Le Max is operated by 2GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with an excellent 4GB of RAM support. The phone comes in a two models with a 64 GB and 128 GB of internal storage. There is no Micro SD card support, so one cannot expand the storage.  The Le Max comes with  a 21-megapixel primary camera with Sony’s IMX320 sensor & OIS and a 4 Ultrapixel front camera.  The LeMax also comes with an additional security feature incorporating a Finger print scanner to unlock your smartphone.

The Le Max runs on Android 5.0.2 overlay-ed with LeEco’s custom UI called EUI and is powered by a 3400 mAh non removable battery. The device measures 167.10 x 83.50 x 8.90 (height x width x thickness) and weighs 204.00 grams. The Le Max is a dual SIM  smartphone that accepts Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM Connectivity options.

LeEco also released a top-end variation of LeMax at the event. LeMax Sapphire has the same specs with Le Max except its display screen, which is a 6.33 inch sapphire. Not only expensive and looks elegant, this sapphire screen is as hard as a diamond. The Sapphire version of Le Max is pink color, which requires exceptional skill to create. 

We got an opportunity to witness the launch event and also were lucky enough who got an opportunity  to play around with the device since quite some days now and here is our review about this device. 
Design: LeMax is a beautifully designed Smartphone with a 6.3″ display. Though it falls in the category of the Phablet, you won’t feel that you are carrying such a big phone in your hand and its easy to operate.  The device is a unibody built with a fully metal package using aircraft grade aluminium and crafted beautifully and gives a premium look in your hand. And, LeMax is also the world’s first full-floating glass, which is a Sharp Screen exclusively for LeEco, and bezel-less design Its definitely a head turner.  It houses a slot on the right side of the device where one can plug in a Micro SIM and a Nano-sim in the same slot. Below this slot, there is a power/unlock button located. On the top there is a 3.5 mm audio jack and a IR sensor using which we can control different famous TV sets as well as LeTV.  On the left of the device, there is a volume rocker along with a dedicated mute slider button using which you can disable the notifications during your meetings. At the bottom of the device there is a USB C type charging / data port, and couple of speaker grill which is nicely placed so that one can clearly her the audio while watching videos  or listening to the music. On the back of the device, there is a 21 MP camera and LED flash located next to it. Below the camera, there is a finger print scanner located which is a perfect place as for as the usability is concerned. Its really easy to reach the FPS and unlock your device.  LeTV logo is located at the bottom. On the front of the device, there is a 4 ultrapixel selfie camera on top along with the different sensors like Ambient light sensor and a gyroscope sensor and capacitive touch buttons at the bottom. This device also supports Wi-HD  using which one can wirelessly beam their images and videos to a WI-HD enabled televisions.  The only downside of having a device with 5.5′ or above is the practical problems which we face while carrying the devices in our pockets. Its just not comfortable carrying in your jeans pocket or shirt pocket. The ideal choice is to carry the device in a hand bag or your laptop bag. Overall the design of LeMax is superb and we are totally in love it.

Display: The LeMax comes with a 6.3″ HD display with supports upto 1440 x 2560 resolutions at  464 ppi which shows the vibrant pictures and watching videos is amazing on this big beautiful display. We absolutely loved the colour reproduction on this device and surely LeMax houses a masterpiece display on it.   We just loved watching HD Movies, 2K videos and playing high-definition games on this device and I am sure we could do lot more productive work with this size display.  We also tried accessing a windows PC remotely using teamviewer and it worked flawlessly and perform the operations on the windows system via this device.  Only thing which we observed in relation to display is that, though this device is protected with corning gorilla glass, it has taken an accidental scratch even without our knowledge when either placed in our pocket with keys around or while we placed it upside down somewhere on the table.  But,  consumers after investing for a premium device like this, as a best practice I would definitely advice putting a protective screen guard once they buy it.
Hardware and Performance: The LeMax is powered by a powerful Quadcore 2 GHz Octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor chipset backed with a 4GB RAM which makes it a multimedia powerhouse which performs tough tasks and play high definition games flawlessly without any jerk.  The device plays the videos with 2K resolution too flawlessly without any jerk or lag.  Multitasking at its best on this device where in we could operate more than 30 applications at a time without even facing a slightest lag on the device. The device could handle the load beautifully and didn’t freeze.  We tried playing some high end games like Nova 3, Asphalt Airborne 8 etc., we absolutely loved the experience. We didn’t observe any heating problems on this even after long hours of gaming and movies. Watching movies and videos on LeMax is great fun.  The Fingerprint scanner works absolutely fine which unlocks very quickly without taking time. One can record upto 5 fingerprints on this device and the fingerprint scanner can also be used to capture a photo by enabling a setting under Fingerprints setting. The LeMax comes in a two variants with a 64 GB and 128 GB internal storage which is not expandable using a micro SD slot which is a downside, but I think 64 GB is more than enough even for a excessive gamer and a movie addict.   LeMax scored ahead in comparison with the likes of Nexus 6, Nubiz Z9 Max, LG G4, LeTV 1S, Lenovo K3 Note etc., in most of the benchmark tests which we performed.  We are really happy with the hardware and the performance on LeMax.

Camera: The LeMax houses a powerful 21 MP rear camera and a 4 Ultra Pixel Selfie camera with a wide angle 5P lens  and F2.0 aperture. The camera supports SLO-Mo mode, HDR, provides automatic Incandescent, Fluoesent, Daylight and Cloudy white balance, gives an option to choose different ISO modes ranging from Auto to ISO3200, provides different scene modes like Landscape, Beach, Portrait, Sports and Snow along with Automatic mode. The video mode allows to shoot videos upto 4K starting from 480p mode. One can shoot a slo-mo videos at 2X and 4X modes. The slo-mo videos shot at 4X comes out very nicely when compared to 2X. Auto focusing is very quick and shooting the pictures are super quick within some milliseconds without causing any delay. Even in low light, the performance is better and can click some amazing pictures.  The quality of pictures is really amazing which even shows a small details of any subject. Overall, we are pretty happy with the camera performance the quality of the pictures which this device offers. Check out some sample pictures taken using LeMax. Click to get full resolution image.

Battery: The LeMax is powered by a 3400 mAH which is pretty much required to handled such a power house device. We could easily stay online for complete 36+ hours after a complete 100% charge with Data connection on and display set to automatic mode. We could easily play upto 3 full Indian movies with the length of 120+ minutes with all the network connectivity ON.  With LeMax in hand, one doesn’t have to carry their power bank to their offices or on a entertainment trip worth 9 to 12 hours. Battery performance is very good on this device and we have no complaints about it. 

Software and Features:  The LeMax comes with an Android Lollipop version 5.0.2 topped with their Custom UI called eUI (Eco User Interface).  Company has said that they will release the update to Marshmallow via OTA update very soon. The EUI is a custom UI which is simplistic, non-messy and can be operated by even a new smartphone users very easily and swiftly. Right now, the UI comes with only 3 themes called EUI, Elegant Lady and Gorgeous. The company is working on bringing on more themes to the device in near future. The UI comes with standard widgets available for Lollipop and they can be accessed by long pressing the menu capacitive touch button. The only downside which we think for a regular and existing smartphone user on this device to get adjusted to the access to the quick menus from top down menu instead all these settings, quick shortcuts to the different options like Settings, screenshot, torch, alarm, GPS, Flight mode, Bluetooth, hotspot, system settings, flashlight, calendar etc., are available by pressing the menu capacitive touch button on the left bottom side of the device. The pull down menu from top gives only notifications and nothing else. This change is little awkward to adjust at first, but once we get use to the device, this is pretty user friendly and probably the company has kept the User experience in mind for the devices of this size, its actually quite comfortable once an user adjusts to this device. The quick control center can be enabled even on the lock screen too by toggling the setting. Coming to security features, there is an option called ‘Smart Lock’ which I find pretty useful using which once can keep the device unlocked when we pair this phone with a trusted devices like your bluetooth watch, your car’s bluetooth system or an NFC sticker which we pair with this device. The bluetooth connections have a range of up to 100 meters. Also, the device can be kept unlocked when it reaches the trusted places like  your home or your work, or using a trusted voice or another option available is On-body detection but with a caveat that, the on-body detection keeps your device unlocked when you’re carrying it, but can’t always distinguish between you and someone else. If someone takes your device while it’s unlocked with on-body detection, they might be able to access it. We honestly think, this feature won’t be used due to the security lapse in it . But, other smart lock features like Trusted devices, Trusted places and Trusted voice is definitely useful. Another setting which is useful is the ‘single hand mode lockscreen’ which is bit useful in unlocking your device if you have set pin to unlock and want to unlock with one hand.  Well, again since we have a FPS, this option is not much utilized. Another downside which we have observed is there is no option to arrange the icons in app drawer alphabetically nor auto arranges itself. We tried to figure out the option every where in the settings, but was unsuccessful.  One has to arrange the icons manually and move around the app icons to different folders as per their requirement. I hope and request LeEco to look into this and provide this option in their upcoming releases.
One thing which I must write about the features section is the permissions settings, which gives liberty to you to choose manage auto launch using which one can disable the unwanted applications starting during the startup of the device, and the other settings include the app permissions and notifications permissions.  One can completely restrict some application’s unwanted access to different components, contents, private stuff on your device. You can dictate which app should have access to what content on your device, thereby having a peace of mind about your privacy.
Price: LeMax will be available in 2 colors – shimmer gold with 128GB priced at 36,999/- and titanium silver with 64GB of memory priced at 32,999/- INR, which would be for flash sales starting February 2nd on Flipkart. LeMax Sapphire is priced at 69999/-It will have sales based on invitation and only has a limited stock of 1000 units. 

Verdict:   We are totally satisfied with LeEco LeMax  and its definitely worth a buy for the superior quality of the device, hardware specifications,  looks and the features which LeMax offers and not to forget the involvement in the entire Le-eco system itself.

A little background on Le-Eco system. LeEco has developed into a world-renown brand with seven pioneering eco-systems, including content ecosystem, big screen ecosystem, mobile ecosystem, sports ecosystem, automobile ecosystem, internet financing ecosystem, and the internet and cloud ecosystem. Each sub-ecosystem is the specific application of the open user-oriented Le Ecosystem. All seven sub-ecosystems are synergistically connected with each other and are constantly transforming people’s Internet lifestyle for the better and improving the environment we live in.  With all these in one phone, we would surely say ‘Go Big, Go Bold’.

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