Spice Mobiles in collaboration with an Indonesian company Nexian launched Nexian NV-45 recently in Bangalore and this device is available only via eCommerce portal Flipkart.  Nexian NV-45 was launched mainly keeping the lower segment audience and first time smartphone users in mind who want to switch from their feature phones to smartphones and for the audience, college students who cannot afford high end smartphones. and the device is priced very competitively at Rs. 3799/- to grab that segment and its immediately available on Flipkart in a open sale. Nexian NV-45 is available in Black and Grey colors. 
The Nexian NV-45 comes with a decent specifications for this price. The device comes with a 4.5″ FWVGA Dragontrail Display powered by a 1.2 GHz Spreadtrun SPRD7731 Quad Core Processor backed with a 1 GB RAM and an internal storage of 8 GB which can be expanded upto 32 GB using a micro SD card. The device comes with a 5 MP Auto focus main camera and a 3.2 MP front camera. This device supports Dual SIM (WCDMA + GSM). Nexian NV-45 comes with an Android 4.4.2 on it overlayed with the Custom UI from Nexian. Nexian NV-45 comes with a 1650 mAH Li-Ion battery backup.
We got an opportunity to play around with the device at an exclusive blogger meet organized by Spice and also an opportunity to review the device and here are our impressions and opinions on the same.
Design: Nexian NV-45’s design is decent and doesn’t look cheap at all even at this price of Rs.3799/-. The device is neatly operable with all the required buttons and controls located at right places. Right side of the device comes with volume rockers and power/unlock button and on top of the device we could find 3.5 mm audio jack and a micro USB charging port cum data port. Left and button doesn’t come with any controls. The controls are good and provides great tactile feedback. There are 3 capacitive touch buttons for Menu, back and home. Works absolutely fine and fast. The protection around the camera with golden bezel looks very good and gives pretty decent look to the device and the back panel comes with Sandstone finish which is pretty good for rough use. One don’t have to fear about placing the device on a table or on ground worrying about the scratches which might happen to their device. One thing to notice is the Nexian Logo and Name is barely visible, the company should have used some other light color or while to highlight the same. The device is very feels very comfortable in hand and since its just 4.5″, one can reach to any corner of the device using their one hand and operate the device single handedly. By the way, the device does look small, but not slim for sure. It looks bit bulkier and bit heavy in weight too. I think, at this price this is the compromise which one has to accept. 
Display: Nexian NV-45 device comes with 4.5″ FWVGA Display with Dragontrail glass protection. FWVGA is an abbreviation for Full Wide Video Graphics Array which refers to a display resolution of 854×480 pixels. 854×480 is approximately the 16:9 aspect ratio of anamorphically “un-squeezed” NTSC DVD widescreen video and considered a “safe” resolution that does not crop any of the image. At this price point, this display is a perfect fit and does exactly what is expected out of it. The pictures are pretty clear from different viewing angles and its quite ok indoors. At outdoors, we may have to struggle a bit to read the content, images looks ok when we set full brightness on the device. One can easily watch movies, play some low graphical games etc., on these device easily without much hassles.
Hardware and Performance: As mentioned in the specs earlier, the device is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad core processor with a backing of 1 GB Memory which gives decent performance for an user who uses smartphone just for the important uses like emails, social media, playing some games and for some entertainment. We did observe little lag while scrolling through the timelines of my twitter and Facebook. Switching between the screens, launching applications and all worked just fine. Can do multitasking upto some 5 to 6 applications running in background without lag.  I expected this device would lag or freeze while trying to watch some HD movies with high resolution, but to my surprise, the device beautifully played them without any lag or jerk moments. We could seek to the different positions of the movie or video too without much stress on the device. From that point of view, we are very impressed with the performance of this device. This device can be used to play some simple games and less graphic intensive games easily.  The sound quality of the device is really good and loud. Voice clarity is good too.  One observation about the interior of the device is that, SIM card slots could have been much better, the ones on this device is kind of problematic slots where inserting the sim card and taking out makes some scratches to the circuit on SIM card. 
Battery: The device is backed with a 1650 mAH Li-Ion Battery which gives a decent battery backup with moderate use and stays for full day from morning 6 AM to night 10 or 12 with complete charge overnight.  This is with moderate internet usage and calls. One could watch a complete movie of 120+ minutes and still have some 30% battery remaining. Device doesn’t gets heated up upon long usage which is a good thing. Overall, this device comes with a decent battery backup and we have no complaints in this department again for the device at this price point. 
Software and Features: Nexian NV-45 comes with an Android 4.4.2 Kitkat overlay-ed with the custom UI from Nexian. UI is pretty decent and simplistic. Easily understandable to the first time smartphone users with any clutter in accessing the menu items and other settings. Company hasn’t made any fancy stuff with the UI design and user experience, importantly no bloatware of their own which helps in the performance of the device. One can install any software which they may want on the user available storage of around 6 GB which is pretty impressive. Even after installing all important required software, I could still manage to save around 2 GB on native memory. For movies and pictures etc., one can easily add a micro SD card. Also, installing some other 3rd party launchers also makes the device features look different and one can tune as per their wish. I installed Swipe launcher on this device which absolutely works fine and we can do lot of tuning to the look and feel of the OS using that. 
Camera: The device comes with a 5 MP auto-focus rear camera which clicks some decent pictures in day light. But, we are not very impressed with the low light pictures which we tried. Same case goes with front camera. There is nothing much to boast about the camera performance. For the price which we pay for this, its gives that quality pictures and videos. As I said, this device still clicks and shoots some decent videos during bright light of the day which is good.
Sample Images: Click for full resolution pictures
Price: As mentioned in the post initially, this device is available on Flipkart priced at 3799/- which is very competitive and attractive price for the first timers to the smartphone word and the one who could not afford fancy and costly devices which are available in market. In my honest opinion, this price can still be reduced to around 3000/- or 3250/- to grab attention of more audience who wants to enter into the exciting smartphone world. 
Verdict: Overall, I am very happy with the device which it offers at this price point. Price and some decent specs is what makes this device stand out of the crowd. And the people who cannot afford the costly phones and still want to try out the smartphones in their life, they can easily go ahead and invest in this phone without much hesitation. This device is definitely not for power users, may be they can buy and use it as a backup phone just in case they lose their primary phone and want a standby phone till they buy another super smartphone.
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