Today, we are going to write a review on Coolpad Dazen X7 which was launched in India a month ago and we are lucky to get a hands on this device for quite sometime now and here are our observations, experience with this device, pros and cons of the same. 
Coolpad is a new entrant in Indian Smartphone market who are actually not new to Indian market, their devices already floating in Indian market with different brand names, but this time, Coolpad directly jumped into Indian smartphone market bandwagon with their two devices Coolpad Dazen X7 and Coopad Dazen 1. We will come up with review of Dazen 1 in our next post.  For now, lets see how Coolpad Dazen X7 fares. 

Design :  The Coolpad Dazen X7 comes with a metallic and unibody design, meaning you cannot open the device’s back and play around with battery replacement or insert the sim card or micro SD card etc., from backside of the device. The device’s back comes with glass finishing.  This device is a dual sim device which supports LTE and normal network bands like 3G, 2G etc., There are slots on the right side of the device to insert the  Microsim and Nano SIM using the trays provided. The Trays are designed in such a way that, in one Tray you can either insert a Nano SIM card or a Micro SD card, and in another you can insert only Micro SIM card. This design is unique and we are seeing for the first time.   May be there are some brands already incorporated this, but I am seeing this for first time.

The device looks very slim with just 6.5 mm thickness and looks premium.  

We feel that device is bit slippery and its was bit tough for us to operate the same confidentally using one hand.  However, the device is sturdy and it could withhold some falls which happened accidentally and could still screen manage to survive.   The device comes with a volume rocker on the left side and the power / unlock button on the right side. We somehow felt uncomfortable with the volume rockers on the left side of the device. Its a good placement if you are a left handed person.  Anyway, that’s not a major flaw. The device is beautifully etched on the sides and bezels look premium. This device doesn’t look cheap at all when you carry around.  The best part of the design is the speaker grills which are placed on the bottom of the device next to the micro USB charging port which helps giving the audio output louder since there is no way its is getting blocked.  Watching movies and listening to song without using an earphone is a bliss. If you are in a room and play the video/audio without connecting the hands-free, the audio is loud enough to watch or listen to music. There is one design flaw which we observe and is visible right in front of us if we observe closely which is the coating around the micro USB port where its not neatly covered leaving out bit which are which clearly shows inner plastic which kinda looks odd. Observe the picture below. 
I think Coolpad could have given bit perfect finishing to that part. Not a major deal breaker though, but that’s our observation.  

The device comes with a soft touch buttons and no capacitive touch buttons which is kinda cool and most manufacturers skipping that part.  Also, the device just weighs 141g which is not heavy on pocket. But as we mentioned initially, the device is bit slippery in hand, the same case applies when you place the device in your pant pocket too. Please be mindful when you are riding your bike, you never know it may slip down when you are driving in pothole and speed breaker filled cities 🙂 . The phone is available in Gold and Titanium white colors. The device which we got for review is white, and we got a chance to look at the gold one too at an event and it looked pretty cool and premium too.

Display:  The Dazen X7 comes with a 5.2″ FHD display with screen resolution of 1920×1080 which is vivid and bright. We absolutely love the colors and it looks amazing. Watching FHD movies, seeing pictures on this device is a bliss and we absolutely loved it.  Even in bright sunlight the display fared well and we could see the contents clearly. We don’t have any complaints in display department.Touch screen too works flawlessly and since the display is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, we could observe it can withhold the wear and tear flawlessly. We literally tried to scratch the device using the keys and some sharp materials, and it could handle the pressure.  Overall, we are really happy with the display quality on Dazen X7.
Hardware and Performance: The Coolpad Dazen X7 comes with a 1.7 GHz Octa core Mediatek 6595 processor backed with 2 GB RAM makes it a powerful performance machine which can handle the graphics and multimedia operations smoothly.  We tried playing some full HD videos on this device and it played without any lag and you can easily seek the video positions without any effort. We couldn’t try any games on this device.  Transition between the screens and multi-tasking on this device is absolutely fine and we didn’t find any lag whatsover. The device comes with a 16 GB internal storage and we can expand upto 32 GB using micro SD card which makes it cool. We can install as many apps as required on the 16 GB storage and we can store the media content on the external card.  Though the file browser shows Mount USB card, this device doesn’t support OTG and we cannot plug in the USB stick and access the contents which is a drawback.   Benchmark test from Antutu gave score of 43405 and the device stands next to OnePlusOne and above HTC One M8, Xiaomi Mi4 and kinds and Antutu gives a performance explanation saying ‘Superior Performance touch, can spike current market flagship devices.  We observed device heating up a bit after quite sometime of regular browsing or watching videos on youtube or prolonged camera usage.  I assume this is the case with almost all the unibody design devices. But, the heat is not too much and its kinda warm. 
Camera: The device comes with 13 MP rear camera with LED Flash support and a 8 MP front camera. The video recording supports upto 1080p which makes it superior. The pictures clicked on 13 MP camera are quite good and even front camera takes come nice shots.  The camera app itself is quite innovative which gives pro features like setting ISO, focus, white balance, shutter speed etc., and you can play around with different settings to click some amazing pictures.  On top of that there are lot of other camera features like Picture zoon, Picture focus, capture smiles, refocus, nightshot, HDF, PIP, Sound & Shot, Panorama and one can even create GIF images . 

Here are some sample pictures taken using Dazen X7. Click on thumbnail for full size image.

Battery: The Dazen X7 is powered by a 2700 mAh battery  which is quite ok for this device.  You can drain the battery if you continuously stay on internet for 6 to 8 hours and keep the display ON continuously for 7 to 8 hours. Coolpad claims that it can power upto 50% extra using their patented technology called extended power in near future when they implement this technology in all their devices. Its just a patch update on the device which one can expect very soon.The explanation which we got from the product heads is that, ideally all the devices in the current flock in the market utilizes almost all the processors for different features and functionalities on the device which drains up the battery soon, but with Coolpad, they have an intelligent technology and algorithm which utilizes limited processor capacity for some specific applications, features for ex: GPS which doesn’t need the use the full 8 cores of the processor, for that the device will automatically uses only 2 cores which utilize less battery. Likewise, the technology is tuned for many other applications and features which literally saves the charge in the battery.  But right now, I we have seen and observed that device can withhold and stay on for around 24 hours when we fully charge and under moderate usage of calls, videos and internet. 
Software and Features: The Dazen X7 comes with Android 4.4 Kitkat out of the box and overlayed with Coolpad’s own UI called ‘CoolUI 6.0’ .  As name suggests, its really cool with simplistic design and applications access. The settings are clear and easily understandable for even novice users.  There are different and cool wallpapers, widgets available in the UI which can be used as per the user’s wish. The UI comes with multi-window facility too using which you can access and operate two applications at a time using split screen. One can watch a video in one window and chat in another and likewise perform many other operations.   Notification menu comes with standard and most used settings like Wifi, Mobile data, Bluetooth, auto rotate, flash light etc.,  The best part of the UI is the device comes with some smart controls like ‘Wake-up gestures’ using which one can perform many functions like double-tap to wake, slide up to unlock, slide down to take photos, draw some particular words like ‘w’ ‘m’ ‘c’ ‘e’ and ‘o’ to open music, whatsapp, camera, browser and facebook respectively from the lock screen itself when the device is locked which is quite cool and for ex:  one don’t have miss some nice moments to click by unlocking the device, starting the camera app and then click a picture.  I would like to give away some quick UI tips on Coolpad. If you want to take the screenshot of the screen, all you have to do is just press power and volume down button simultaneously and then save the screenshot. Likewise, if one want to initiate the screen recorder app, all you have to do is press and power and volume UP button which will start recording the screen. Press the power button again to stop the recording.  One can create folders and move the applications, tools etc., and sort the applications as per their categories for quick access. There are lot of other things to explore in Cool UI which needs a separate blog post or video itself. Overall, we are pretty happy with the cool UI functionalities.  When we had a chat with the product heads about Android Lollipop update, they said, the device will get and OTA update very soon. Stay tuned for that. 
Price: The Coolpad Dazen X7 is priced at 17,999/- and its available on Snapdeal. I think its competitively priced when compared with other brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Asus etc.,  for the specs and features it offers. 
Verdict: If you are looking for a budget mid range phone with some quite cool features and hardware, this is the device to go. We are quite happy with the performance of the device and the features it offered. 
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