Indian competitor to Google’s Chromecast Teewe  is the low-cost way to convert any TV with a HDMI Port into a Smart TV which lets you stream the content from different devices like your smartphone, tablet, laptop or chrome browser too via their HDMI dongle. This dongle costs way lesser than Google’s chromecast priced at Rs. 2399/- . 

We got an opportunity to play around with Teewe for quite some days and here is how it fared up.
Design: The design of Teewe is quite simplistic and neat, and doesn’t give an impression like any cheap chinese make. Its sturdy and rock-solid and can handle the rough handling from the consumers. There is a micro-usb port located at one side of the it which is used to power up the device and at the HDMI port is visible at the top which can be used to plug in to the TV or display with HDMI input facility. There is an additional HDMI connector too provided as an extension just in case you cannot reach to the port directly on a TV or display which makes lot of sense for the consumers who has wall mounted their TV. 

Setup: Setting up the Teewe is very straight forward and one doesn’t need to be an tech expert to follow the simple steps. Just plug in the teewee dongle to your TV’s HDMI input port and connect the power to the Teewe via the micro-usb charger provided with the box. You can either use a separate charger which provided with the box, or you can use the power supply from TV’s USB output too. Once, its powered on, do the one time setup for the device using an android or iOS application by connecting the device to your local wi-fi network and provide a name to the device so that its visible to different devices in the same wi-fi network so that one can connect to it and stream their content to a television via this Teewe Dongle. Teewe advices to use the local wi-fi network via the dedicated wi-fi routing devices instead of using the Wi-fi hotspot facilities provided on smartphone or wi-fi hotspots set using the Wingle’s for optimal performance. You’ll feel bit sluggishness when you use the device by connecting to the wi-fi hotspots etc., instead of connecting to a local dedicated wi-fi network. Just follow the onscreen instructions on your app and you are all set to start using the Teewe and convert your TV to a smart TV. You can install the desktop application too so that you can mirror your desktop to the large screen wirelessly. Mirroring facility is not available for Smartphones. One can download the chrome extension and start streaming the content via Chrome too.

Features: The Teewe 2  device is 30% smaller in size when compared to the earlier Teewe 1, enabling it to get adjusted in the trickiest of spots. And it comes with a Premium Wi-Fi chip with an internal antenna for seamless uninterrupted streaming.  The device is powerd by Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Processor with a Quad core GPU for High Performance, 1.6+ GHz and 1GB of DDR 3 RAM for smooth streaming with enhanced performance. It will work with any TV with an HDMI Port and needs a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connection to stream online content.

Offers: The Teewe application has some pretty decent features using which one can watch their media like videos, photos, online content from youtube, facebook, vimeo etc., onto their big TV screen. Teewe itself has the tie up with different content providers like ErosNow using which you can watch lot of movies which are available. With Teewe’s purchase, a customer can get 2 Months premium subcription to ErosNow where the customer can watch latest hindi movies and TV shows. Also, Teewe is tied up with Airtel to provide 60GB worth free data for airtel broadband customers using which the customers can enjoy nonstop entertainment. Also, Teewe device curates the content as per your interest on their app via youtube which is quite good.

Performance: Performance wise, teewe device was able to stream the videos effortlessly when I played them via my smartphone, laptop and via web. As I mentioned earlier, if you are using the wi-fi hotspot via the smartphone, you will feel a slight lag which is fine. That’s the reason the device manufacturers doesn’t advice to use the hotspots created via smartphones or wingles. But, when situation warrants, you can always use the smartphone’s hotspots if you are ready to compromise with the slight lag. We could test the device by connecting to the projector too and the video played flawlessly and we are amazed to rule out the cables for streaming the video to the large screen.

Verdict: We are pretty happy using this device and overall the device fares well for the price which its offered. Only awkward thing with these HDMI dongles is to power them up with extra source via micro-usb and carrying the charger wherever you want to use it and finding the proper power source for powering up the device is a challenge. Otherwise, the device is cool enough to stream the content onto a big screen via your smartphones, tables or laptops. 
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