We got an opportunity to review the Goqii band couple of months back during and also got a chance to be the part of the Goqii #BeTheForce Campaign and one lucky winner could win a Goqii band too during the campaign period. So, here is my impressions and review on this band as per my usage.

Goqii band is a useful fitness band as well as can be used as a watch for the fitness and health freaks. It helps calculating the steps you walk and counts calories from  any other exercises activities which a person performs and easily gets synced up with Goqii fitness app which is available for iOS or Android devices. Syncing up the data is pretty simple and straight forward using the Bluetooth available on your smartphone.  The data is immediately transferred to the app and to sent to your personalized Goqii coach in real time and the coach will keep analysing the data you upload and tell his/her advices very regularly.  Though its virtual assistance, they regularly keep in touch via chats , phone calls and make sure you are up to the mark against your goals and work towards them. Buying Goqii band itself is not enough, the assistance from the coaches is really helpful and useful to keep track about the activities and for constant motivation. I must appreciate my coach Apurawa who is a real motivator for me. Sometime, due to the work load, I was not even responding to her, but she would regularly try to message me via Goqii app and try to motivate without any issues which makes you rethink and run for your own benefit.

Coming to the device itself, the Goqii band comes with a Oled touch screen which shows the date, time, battery status, Steps you walked, kilometres you walked, number of minutes/hours you walked, and the Karma points due to all the activities. These karma points also are synced with the Goqii site and we can donate the karma points for some good deeds where Goqii is tied up with some of the NGO’s and convert it as actual donation to them. The Rubber used for the band is good one and doesn’t wear off so early, only thing which I observed is that it catches up small pieces of dust (especially black one) when you keep inside your bag or somewhere . Ideally Goqii advices to wear this device all the time 24/7 so that it can calculate the movements and steps which you walk. But, what I have observed is that, the sensor which Goqii has counts any movement with it as a step which kind of giving us a wrong figures at the end of the day. If a 10% error margin is there, we could easily ignore, but this device even adds up the variations which happen during our commute too whether you are in cab, bus or bike. That too if we are wearing it on wrist.  To test the difference, I detached the Goqii device from band, kept inside the bag and tried to travel, even then it added up the steps count, but not as much as when we wear it on wrist.  The best way to avoid this error is to put the watch in sleep mode when you are not exercising or walking, that would give you some exact steps you walked or exercised during the day.  I think this problem is common among almost all the fitness bands out there and Goqii is nothing different. The USB charging cradle which comes with Goqii is innovative and we really like it.

Coming to the application interface, the Goqii interface is  simple and straight forward. Its user friendly and not much complicated to enter your day to day data like your food consumption, Water consumption and any extra exercises which you might have done and want to add it manually so that Coach can review the progress. The steps are simple and straight forward.  Every steps, activities which you do adds up Karma points to your account which you can donate later. One can share their progress, activies via social share button to their friends and family.  You can also chat with your Goqii coach using this app as well as via web browser.  Also, the Goqii applicatioin gives decent charts via the data you have submitted according to day, week or monthwise. Also, don’t forget to put the device into sleep mode before going to bed and while waking up from bed, so that the device records the sleep cycle of yours and it also helps coach to analyze your lifestyle and advice accordingly. 
Overall, we are happy with the features and the concept which Goqii offers and the personal advices from coaches are really useful and helpful. The coach facility will end the moment the subscription ends, but you can always renew the same or you can continue using the Goqii band to track your activities on your own. The account will remain active, but only the Coach will not be available. 
We have shot a video review of this device too which we will upload as soon as editing is complete. Stay tuned to our Youtube channel. If you have any questions/comments, please use the comments section below. 

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