LeEco had launched their latest mid-range smartphone Le 2 on June 8th 2016 with some pretty good and competitive specs/hardware on it and also priced competitively in Indian smartphone market. Le 2 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 Octa-core processor paired with a 3 GB RAM and comes with a 32 GB internal storage. The device comes with a 16 MP rear camera and a 8 MP front camera. LeEco is the first company to break the barriers to get rid of the 3.5 mm audio jack on the phones and replace it with the CDLA (Continual Digital Lossless Audio) technology which gives the digital output via USB Type-C interface. CDLA technology enables end-to-end lossless digital music transmission, the world’s first continual digital lossless audio standard. The device house a 5.5" full HD screen with In-Cell Display, fingerprint scanner and its backed with a powerful 3000 mAh Li-Ion Polymer battery which also supports Quick Charge 2.0. The device is priced at Rs. 11999/- for Indian Market.  

We got an opportunity to play around this device since 15 days now and here is our in-depth review of this Metallic Beauty.

Design and Build:  Le 2 comes with a fully metallic body in a rose gold color which almost resembles their 1st Generation Le 1s but with lot of design moderation's like placement of camera position, of-course no 3.5 mm audio jack. The device indeed looks beautiful and a definite head turner. The device still comes with their old logo and branding which is LeTV and not with their rebranded name or Logo which is just 'LE'. Though the device is priced low and competitively, Le Eco has not compromised on the build quality and the materials used for the same. The device  is slim,  looks premium and attractive and it grips well in hand. The buttons placement are perfect and volume rocker, power unlock buttons gives an excellent tactile feedback. Though the device offers the audio output via latest CDLA technology, I am missing the 3.5 mm audio jack for which we are so ac-customized. The only downside what I see is that we cannot enjoy the audio while charging the device using the earphone, of-course one can use the workaround like using a Bluetooth headset or speaker. The mirror surfaced finger print scanner is placed right under the camera which is easily accessible. The camera placement is just perfect unlike the placement in Le 1s where is was on the top corner of the device. Also, the device doesn't show the odd looking industrial screws alongside the speaker grill or USB connector which is commendable.  Overall, we are pretty amazed with the build quality and design of Le 2 and gets a full marks for the same.

Display: Le 2 houses a 5.5 Full HD screen with In-cell display and gives a better clarity and visibility under the bright sun too and color reproduction is pretty good too. Content is clearly visible in different viewing angles and the different color modes like Soft, Natural, Vivid and LeEco gives furthermore options to adjust the color combination according to one's wish. The Full HD is a perfect add on for watching high quality movies and for playing HD games effectively and thanks to gyroscropic sensor, the device's display is pretty usable for VR (Virtual Reality) headsets too to enjoy the VR world and 3D content.  The display handles the wear and tear well while doing some rough handling also and it did survive couple of accidental falls from around 4 feet high and also the display is not a fingerprint magnet or attract smudges which is commendable. Also, thanks to Gorilla Glass 3 protection on the display, which protects the scratches from the usual use cases like the scratches which may occur while keeping the phone in same pocket along with another mobile, or in the pocket with your keys, ID cards etc., and also while keeping the phone upside down on the desk etc.,  Overall, we are pretty satisfied with what the display offers in Le 2 and we see no complaints. 

Hardware and Performance: Without compromising on the hardware front also, Le 2 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 Octa-core processor paired with 3 GB RAM for hassle free and lag free performance on the device. The screen transitions are smooth and the application operations are flawless on Le 2, we didn't observe the sluggishness or slowness while running multiple applications in background and the processor supported by Adreno 510 CPU, gaming on the device is awesome too. The device could play HD games efficiently without any frame drops or slowness even with the high visual settings in the game and also, we didn't face any over-heating issues while playing game for longer hours. Le 2 comes with a 32 GB internal storage which pretty much gives enough space to install many games for game enthusiasts and power users, the storage is not expandable, but the device has OTG support if someone needs an extra storage for their multimedia content. The device offers a dual 4G SIM support and VoLTE support (in near future via OTA update), the call quality is awesome and clear. The fingerprint scanner works perfectly and fast, we don't see any issues either with it. Its responsive and works in 360 degree angle too. For testing purpose, even we tried it with little wet finger and smudged fingers, then also we could unlock the phone and also could click the pictures using fingerprint scanner. Coming to the audio quality on the device using CDLA digital technology, its an amazing add on to the device which gives pretty clear and loud audio via the CDLA earphones which is offered the box, also the audio output via speaker is also pretty loud and clear which makes the device an entertainment package. Thanks to the unlimited entertainment content via LeEco's eco system which offers lot of movies, audio content and live shows. The benchmark test results of the device gives some amazing and competitive scores when compared to some of the high end flagship devices in the market. Overall, we are pretty impressive with the hardware and performance on Le 2 and no qualms about it.


Camera: Le 2 houses a 16 MP rear camera with a wife f/2.0 aperture lens and with PDAF the focusing time reduces to just under 0.09 seconds and a 8 MP front camera for shutterbugs. Camera application is pretty simplistic as on their existing models like Le 1s, Le Max etc., by giving features like different filters, panorama mode, Slow-motion video, HDR mode, Night mode, beauty mode, and different scene modes like Landscape, beach, portrait, sports and snow. Also, the camera offers to record 4K videos and one can choose different exposure and ISO settings manually while clicking pictures. The camera is a decent performer and captures the details perfectly, and thanks to the dual-tone flash which helps in clicking some decent pictures even in low-light conditions. The front facing 8 MP camera gives a clear and brighter pictures in bright light conditions and thanks to the finger print sensor which makes life easy to the selfie experts to click some amazing selfies effortlessly. One can shoot a slow motion video at 120 fps in 720p resolution, the video output is good. Overall, for the price which this device is being offered, we have absolutely no complaints about the camera and the quality of the pictures which it offers.

Check out the sample pictures in full resolution below: More pictures here

Software and Features: Le 2 comes with Android Marshmallow out of the box topped with their latest EUI version on it. The EUI is the highlight on the device with some very good tuning the User experience and improvements in their latest version. The EUI is simple yet effective which makes the user experience fruitful. There is a dedicated icon for LeLive content via which one can watch live TV channels, live shows etc., When swiped from left to right, it opens a LeView which recommends different video content from the internet based on our the interests chosen from us. The UI gives an option to choose our favorite interest and the LeView curates the content accordingly and lists out the videos based on that. LeEco gives an option to disable the LeView also if someone feels it isn't necessary for their likes. Pressing and holding on any home screen gives an option to choose the widgets, themes, wallpapers and an option to sort the icons automatically or manually.

The Control center in the EUI is pretty useful and one can change the shortcuts orders as per their wish and the control center is one point of contact to access almost all the settings required to change. The master stroke here in the control center is, one can even go to the settings of the shortcuts directly from the control center itself by pressing and holding the shortcuts like Wifi, data, Bluetooth, hotspot etc., which is pretty amazing in user experience point of view. With EUI version 5.8.015S (Stable), users get a phone manager tool which is pretty amazing stuff which gives an option to optimize your phone to the larger extent by giving direct shortcuts to access data usage control, battery savings settings, manage auto launch of applications, and a clean junk shortcut which allows you to remove unnecessary junk files, log files, APK files etc., and the clean junk feature gives one tap clean up option too which clears up the rubbish found on the device and frees up some space on the disk.

With data usage control settings, one can restrict the apps to consume data usage via Wi-Fi or Cellular network, its definitely a useful feature for the users who are having a limited data package on their devices, one can control which app to use wi-fi data or cellular data and which app shouldn't which gives a peaceful mind and one don't have to think and worry which app will consume the data unnecessarily, the EUI gives an user full control in this regard which is a welcoming move from an smartphone manufacturer.

Notification management feature is also a very useful one which allows one to control and customize the notifications which user wants as per their wish. The one major addition in the new version of EUI is the fingerprint app lock which is a must have feature on any phone with fingerprint sensor, the fingerprint app lock works really good and one don't have to fret about their privacy.

Overall, EUI is one of the simplistic yet effective UI we have seen on today's smartphones and LeEco keeps improving on the same by accepting the feedback, suggestions etc., via their Forum, from device itself,  Social Media feedback etc., and via tech media across the country.  One thing commendable about LeEco is they are open for the feedback and ready to implement the suggestions and requirements from their users. Thanks to their different campaigns like CEO etc., which clearly shows the company cares about user experiences and they are here to stay for a long run and improvising the Android ECO system and their own UI also in the process and build a comprehensive, unique and simplistic ECO system across their current and future devices. As the device says, "I'm getting smarter everyday" while shutting down, its indeed getting smarter day by day with their innovative updates to the EUI.

Battery: Under the hood, Le 2 houses a powerful 3000 mAH Li-ION Polymer battery for backup. In our regular testing with all data in sync, with 4G on all the time and some decent number of calls and in adaptive brightness mode, the device lived upto 36 hours before it gave up on the charge. And got around 5 hours of SOT (Screen On Time).  With moderate data usage in coalition with Wi-Fi, gaming, watching movies etc., the device gave backup of around 48 hours before giving up and also could give around 6 hours of SOT which is pretty good for the hardware which it carries. Thanks to all the great customization features in the EUI which also contributes in saving the battery juice and giving up that extra hours of backup. Not to forget, the battery has a quick charging capability which can give up-to more than 3 hours of talk-time in just charging for around 10 minutes, get over 50% of charge in 30 minutes of charging and hardly takes around 90 minutes for full charge. We are very impressed with the battery and its performance. 

Price: With all the excellent hardware and specifications under the hood, the device is aptly priced at 11,999/-, on top of it the free CDLA earphone worth 1999/- and the One year free LeEco Membership worth 4900/- for the users definitely makes its a great buy. 

Verdict: The excellent build quality with full Metallic body, hardware capabilities like USB Type-C connector, CDLA audio output, IR blaster, slim and lighter design, Quick charging capability, Fingerprint scanner and many more features makes Le 2 an excellent buy for normal users and power users who are looking for stylish as well as a smartphone which is available in the price range of 12,000/- .