Sony has introduced the all new USB Type-C™  Flash Drive. The new USB makes data sharing much stronger and easier by bridging the connection between different devices.
The device is a USB 3.1 Gen 1 (SuperSpeed USB) standard and encompasses a read speed of up to 130MB/s for fast data transfer. Additionally, the easy portable drive comes with a slim and compact body, as well as a metal exterior making it a comfortable and unique option.

Catering to multiple device transfers, the device is carefully developed with a reversible plug orientation. The USB Type-C™ enables users to transfer files between devices such as the Apple® MacBook® 12-inch model , PCs, smartphones and tablets, which come with a USB Type-C™ port, and PCs with a conventional USB Type-A port.

These features packed into one slim compact body well-protected with a supplied silicone cover with useful strap hole.

The new USB Type-C™ & Type-A Dual Connection Flash Drive, available in three capacities – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and will be available across Sony centers and priced at Rs. 1,999/- , Rs. 4,099/- and Rs. 7,099/- respectively.