Interaction One, a Bangalore based start-up focused on innovation and building memorable mobile experiences, is set to transform the retail and lifestyle industry with the launch of Mobmerry, an app that connects retailers to consumers.   
Mobmerry empowers retailers to have higher engagement with the consumers through product discovery, real-time notifications of new products, deals, and discounts in the consumers’ immediate area. The app allows shoppers to virtually explore their city and trigger personalized offers, products and food recommendations in real-time. Mobmerry aims at bringing the retail stores to consumer phones thereby driving consumers to the store through target marketing using geo-location. A merchant can effortlessly showcase his products with just the touch of a button and has been provided with a facility to push live marketing feeds directed to a specific target audience. The app alerts the retailer of the customer’s basic details and preferences as soon as the customer walks into the store.

Krishna Prasad, CEO and Co-founder, Interaction One says,
 “Retailers can’t wait for customers to come to them.Consumer shopping habits have changed; you have to take your product to them. Stores and brands that deliver easy integrated ways between digital and physical are the ones that are going to succeed, this means having technology that has these tools and solutions. Mobmerry delivers the power of smart discovery of products using a taste and preferences algorithm for consumers and a platform for retailers to take the physical world to these connected consumers via Beacons (IOT).”
Mobmerry allows retailers to create real time marketing communications via “buzz” notifications to their consumers creating relevance and reason for consumers to walk into the stores.

According to a report published by SAP, The Internet of Things (IoT) will generate US $329 billion of revenue in the retail sector by 2018. Retail is expected to be one of the biggest sectors benefitting from the rise of IoT. The future of the retail sector is in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications, known as beacons. Interaction One will be the first company to deploy over 1000 beacons across Bangalore, making it one of the largest beacon deployments in India. This will make Bangalore the first city to be lit up and connected virtually.

With 30 stores onboarded in Indiranagar, Bangalore, such as Aviraté, Celio, Guess, Jack & Jones, Kazo, Lee, Vans, VeroModa, Wrangler to name a few. Mobmerry is on its way to providing technology and revolutionising the retail industry in India.

Beacon technology has been provided by, a Polish hardware company funded in 2013.

Trevor Longino, Head of Marketing and PR at said,
“As a company, we are constantly looking for ways in which our beacons can make a difference. We are glad that with such a large deployment we will be able to bring local businesses into the Internet of Things era and by that taking the whole local beacon market to the next level.”
Mobmerry has also partnered with Virtuous Retail, an institutionally owned developer-operator of community-oriented premium Lifestyle Shopping Centres for its latest flagship development, VR Bengaluru on Whitefield main road. Mobmerry will deploy over 300 Beacons across the centre to enhance shopping experiences for VR Bengaluru’s patrons.

Mobmerry has the ability to use the consumer’s retail and dining likings to connect them to the merchant and begin a productive and fruitful conversation. With the ability to link the Mobmerry account through Facebook, the process is convenient and stress-free.

Download Mobmerry in the iOS and Android stores. Merchants can visit to sign up to be part of this experience.