Notion Ink Design Labs, India’s first tablet design & manufacturer’s Cain series of tablets are one of the highest selling 2-in-1’s in India. With large 2in1 customer base, Notion Ink has officially launched Cain Signature Black 2in1series on 29th September 2015. There are many features and design of this new device was done by taking inputs from user feedbacks on different forums and via reviews on snapdeal and also through feedbacks on Notion Ink's social media channels. This is a Premium limited edition series available exclusively with starting September 24 2015 priced at 20,990/- INR. Of course, one may by with some discount offers etc., from Snapdeal too like 10% off when someone uses their SBI card and some cashback offers via freecharge etc., 

Notion Ink Cain Signature Black Limited Edition is  powered by Microsoft Windows 10 and its sports a 10.1” IPS LCD display featuring 1280×800 pixels of resolution, the Cain Black Edition is powered by an Intel® Atom™ Quad-core processor Z3735F (2M Cache, up to 1.83 GHz Burst Frequency, 1.33GHz Base Frequency). It includes 2GB DDR3L RAM and comes with a 64GB internal storage which can be expanded by further 128GB through a microSD card. This device also features a onboard 3G using which one can make the video calls and browse the internet. One of the top features requested was that of a stylus, and Cain Black comes with ProPen, India’s first Active Stylus, which is compatible with Cain and as well as all other capacitive touch devices as well. Cain Black is the first 2in1 device to be launched with Windows 10 in India.  The device comes in two variants, one with a 32 GB which is priced at 18490/- INR and another with 64 GB storage as mentioned earlier.

Also, Notion Ink has come up with a custom dock for Cain series using which one can connect upto 3 USB devices, and charge the device, also one good feature is one can even add an additional internal hard disk inside the dock which can be accessed via Cain. This costs 3999/- and it’s compatible with old series too.

First Impressions:

We got an opportunity to play around with this device for a while during the launch event and here are our first impressions on the same.

Design:  The design is simplistic yet appealing to the eyes with fully black edition with metallic brushed structure.  Looks premium and its feels bit heavy in carrying, it weighs around 650 gms, but I think its ok since it is a 2 in 1 and gives an opportunity to type and operate the machine using the keyboard and touchpad.. The device comes with a USB 3.0 port using which one can either connect USB mouse, Pen drives etc., and also a micro usb port which supports OTG. It comes with one mini-HDMI port.  This device is powered by a 7900 mAH Lithium Polymer Battery for very good backup.  3G Ultrastick is slick and really useful while you are on move.  The back of the device comprises of metallic plate as well as poly carbonate. Metallic back absorbs heat and plastic around that gives the device a premium look.  They have designed this well by keeping users feedbacks in mind and its really impressive. The stylus is an added advantage when you buy this device and it works flawlessly on this device as well as any touch screen device.  One can adjust the sensitivity of the stylus too by rotating the adjustment available on the same and good thing about this stylus it doesn't require any fancy or costly cell to operate, just an ordinary  AAA cell is enough.  The only thing which we didn't quite like is the magnetic case with integrated keyboard. With this design, if one has to use the laptop mode, it has to be always placed on the flat surface and if someone wants to use on the odd surface or on their lap, they cannot. They have to either lay it down completely or detach the display and use it as tab, but we have to forcefully use the on screen keyboard during that time which is bit painful to type on the device of this size. While on travel, one cannot always expect a flat surface to work or find one too.  Also, we cannot tilt the display to different angles as we do it on laptop which forces us to look at it in one direction and it has to be placed always at the perfect eye length.  I agree this is not a laptop per se, but the case could have been much better keeping different use cases in mind.

Display: As mentioned earlier, CSB comes with a 10.1" IPS LCD display which supports upto 1280x800 pixels or resolution. The display is crisp and clear from all angles and topped with Windows 10 on the device, its looks really good.   Touch screen respond well too both via stylus and our fingers.

Hardware & Performance: The plus point of the hardware is the storage which is 64 GB eMMC and expandable via Micro SD card which supports upto 128 GB which is pretty much enough for this device to carry around. Also, the device is powered by a 1.8 GHz Intel Atom Quad core processor which makes the performance snappy and we didn't observe any sluggishness during the time we played around the device. It plays even HD movie files flawlessly without any lag. And also, switching between multiple applications is also breeze. 

Camera: The device comes with a 2MP front and rear camera. We didn't try it out to analyze the quality of the pictures. 

Conclusion: Overall, we are impressed with the device and we think its priced perfectly for the features and hardware which it comes with. I never seen any other operating systems which suits so well on any tablets or 2 in 1's. Windows 10 is truly impressive on this device. If you are interested to buy this one, head over to Snapdeal.