Couple of months back there were these stories and videos about Air India's staff's rude behaviour towards couple of passengers for late arrival at the gate.

Today morning I received a whatsapp message from a friend of mine with a tweet link asking him to help by retweeting his tweets sent to Indigo Airlines when there was a worry to miss his flight due to late arrival at airport. This story is just to let our readers know how best one can utilize their social media presence during crunch situations.

He tweeted to @Indigo6E about the delay to reach Airport
This friend of mine has a very good social media presence and has good relations with his followers and friends too, got many retweets on his tweets and many supporting tweets also for him requesting Indigo to help him.

Indigo Social media team did acknowledge and helped him quickly and made sure he boarded the flight.

This friend of mine finally could board the flight with the help of the ground staff out there.

Thanks to Indigo which listened to a single consumer voice and accommodated him understanding the consequences.

Well, we are not advising or recommending anyone to delay in arriving at Airport and always advise to plan your time accordingly and reach Airport way ahead as per the Aircraft guidelines, but certain days certain situations becomes unavoidable to many commuters who get into situations like this, and they can be open about it and seek help, we are sure the companies would be glad to help them. I wish the people who were crying and begging in the video shown above also could have used such social media tools and could have been escaped from embarrassing situations.  These days almost all brands, companies have social media presence and even Air India has, and they are pretty quick in responding to user's problems and complaints. People should start using it rigorously and make use of the same. Social Media really helps.