Very recently we had an opportunity to interact with Mr. Vikarm Malhi, GM, South & Southeast Asia, Expedia and Jerald Singh, Head of Mobile Product of Expedia and got to understand the Expedia's insights on technology legacy , R&D Prowess and plans for India. Also, the session featured a demo of their new 'mobile app' and understood the company's initiatives in the mobile segment.

We had tried Expedia web version in past and it was really helpful in booking Hotels, flights etc., After this session, when we tried the Mobile app from Android Play store, we are absolutely amazed with the rich and high quality app which blows your mind out with its professional developed Interface and its an absolute delight to users to book their flights and hotels on the Go. Simple interface and non-confusing interface even to a layman who can book his tickets easily and quickly. The application is developed by their recently acquired Mobiata.

The app has two rows of Vertical scrolling tiles of the places which you would be interested to travel and stay. No wonder the app has got such a popularity due to its easiness which as per Mr. Vikram Malhi added nearly 15% of its bookings from mobile platform in India and globally at 20% and they are expecting atleast 50% increase in the mobile bookings in coming years.

Expedia website has seen many additions which includes three new features like Flight Recommendations, Scratchpad and Itinerary Sharing. Right now only Itinerary sharing is available in their Mobile app.

In future, we expect Expedia to give options to book domestic flights and booking of buses too on their Mobile app. Also flight recommendations and Scratch pad on mobile app.

Overall we are impressed with the application and we would suggest to our friends any day to install and try planning their travel using Mobile App.

You can download the Expedia Mobile app from Android Play Store. A quick run through of the app and its features from Play Store listed below.

The Expedia Hotels & Flights app lets you view a beautiful itinerary of the trips you've booked in the app or on our website. As always, you can save up to 40% with amazing Expedia Mobile Exclusive hotel deals and then, use your phone or tablet to find the best flight to anywhere in the world. Download Expedia today.
Save big on hotel rooms
• Save up to 40% with Expedia Mobile Exclusive hotel deals
• Default to your current location for fast, on-the-go booking
• See reviews from actual hotel customers
• Sort by price, deals, or reviews — instantly
• Get cheap hotel rooms or 5-star luxury suites
Find the perfect flight
• Book a flight to anywhere in the world
• Sort by price, duration, or time instantly
• Search by airport name, city, or code
Book in a flash
• Already signed in? Book in under 30 seconds
• Slide to purchase and away you go!
View your itinerary
• View upcoming trips that you book in the app and on the web
• Open the app when you're about to travel and immediately see your trip
• It looks awesome, too!

Below are the screenshots of the application for your reference.

Screenshot_2014-02-06-21-06-14 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-21-07-56 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-21-08-14 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-21-08-37 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-36-20 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-36-15 (Custom) Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-36-11 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-34-41 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-30-13 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-30-57 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-34-11 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-34-29 (Custom) Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-29-31 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-29-24 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-29-14 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-28-23 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-28-16 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-28-10 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-28-03 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-29-06 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-29-42 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-28-58 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-28-53 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-33-11 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-33-38 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-31-48 (Custom)Screenshot_2014-02-06-22-35-22 (Custom)