Nikon's Mantra is not to Sell and forget, where as their Mantra is Sell and teach the customers to make use of the Devices they purchase to the fullest and exploit all the features available on them.   Nikon India is known for their excellent courses in Nikon School for the photography enthusiasts and learners. This time they went one step ahead and organized a bloggers meet in Bangalore in a posh and happening place in the city 'Skyye Lounge' on July 20th 2013. They invite was sent exclusively to bloggers and photography enthusiasts in Bangalore. We were lucky enough to get a pass too to the event. Here are the highlights of the event and the things which they covered which was really useful starting from newbies to the well experienced photographers too.

Nikon always believes in walking hand in hand with the latest trends and technologies so that the consumers could be on the top of the changing world. And this event was a proof of the same to show how much they care about their consumers. I am proud to say I am a Nikonian too who owns a Nikon 5100D . Thanks to this event which helped me learning and understanding many unknown terms in photography. Kudos to Nikon Team.

Renowned photographer and Photo Journalist Mr. Raghu Rai was invited to the event to share some thoughts on photography and to judge a twitter contest called #ThroughTheLens which ran throughout the event. The contest was about users posting their best clicked pictures using the hashtag and the best one wins Nikon P330 Camera. The hashtag was trending in top 10 trends on twitter throughout the event and day.

Mr. Raghu Rai @ Nikon Meet (Large)

Nikon School's best coaches Rohan and Abhishek gave the glimpse of photography terms and explained to the audience patiently.

Nikon team @Nikon Meet (Large)

Audience giving their full attention towards the teachings and ofcourse enjoying the unlimited food and drinks backed with excellent laugh riot from India's famous Stand-up comedian and host Praveen Famously known as @Funny_Leone on twitter.

Attendee @ Nikon Meet _2 (Large)

20130720_161433 (Large)

Nikon School coaches taught about lot of interesting topics on photography like HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography, Macro Photography, Bokeh Photography, Panotography, Time lapse photography, Star trail photography etc., They made people sit through the entire event without boring and teaching us interesting stuff on photography. Audience learnt about In-Camera editing, how to use Active D'lighting, First Frame etc.,  Also, everything was explained with the support of excellent examples.

Audience not only learnt about photography but learnt about shooting films, videos etc., too . Learnt how one can achieve a better videos by just using their DSLR which can give tough competition to the film cameras too and sometimes better than that too.

Not only about photography and videography, we learnt about their lenses too and the history of Nikkor lens via some good presentations and videos.

Post the theoretical sessions, bloggers got chance to try out their cameras and lens' demos too in real time which was quite an experience for everyone  who attended the event. The volunteers were so kind enough to explain and answer any question people might had there.  Below are some of the pictures and the excitement among the audience in trying out the best of the lenses and cameras.

CLS Portrait Setup

CLS Portrait Setup @ Nikon Meet (Large)

Girls Having fun at CLS Portrait Setup

Having fun at CLS Portrait Setup @ Nikon Meet (Large)


Digiscoping @ Nikon Meet (Large)

Just Wow! NIKKOR 600mm

20130720_175908 (Large)

Bloggers trying out Nikon Camera, lens and learning

20130720_174445 (Large)

20130720_175856 (Large)

A blogger and Twitterati Pooja (@pooja_luvIndia) receiving prize for her picture which won the twitter contest #ThroughTheLens. You can see the picture on projector screen for which she won.

20130720_174905 (Large)

Mr. Raghu Rai addressing the audience how creative can a photographer can be while Pooja listening to the speech. You could see the clear picture of winning photo in this photo.

20130720_174926 (Large)

Overall, the event was fruitful and helpful to all who attended and could motivate to people to take out their DSLR's which they purchased and locked in their closets and try out new things and exploit the features available in Nikon Cameras.