Emotion UI Hands on Review

Huawei Emotion UI

Here is the definition of 'Emotion UI' from Huawei. "Emotion UI is a Huawei developed, Android based man-machine interaction system for smart terminals. With Emotion UI, everything is easy to find, easy to enjoy, and easy to share. You can enjoy the vivid display and have fun customizing your phone. Customizable Home screens, applications, and easy switching between themes. " and we from techrebels.net got an opportunity and device from Huawei to review the same and here are our impressions and experience with Emotion UI in the below post.

Huawei Emotion UI is one of the Intuitive and Impressive UI available for their devices when compared to the Stock Android OS'es. Emotion UI can be installed over Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and above on Huawei Smartphones.

Emotion UI is bundled with features like 'Me Widget', 'EZ Folder', 'Predefined Profiles', 'Extensive Control' with a pretty Smart Tutorial which is explained in Layman terms and can be understood by anyone and not only techies. Emotion UI is completely customizable as per our requirements.

We will go through the individual features in this post and also share our experiences with the UI.

Me Widget:


One of the interesting feature is the 'Me Widget' using which one can setup the important things and regularly used widgets  like the weather widget, Music widget, Clock widget, Gallery Widget and People Widget,  in the Home
screen inside the Me widget for quick access. You get weather and music widget in two sizes 2x1 and 4x1 which you can set as per your requirement, adjusting and altering the Me Widget is very simple and easy which gives your
phone's home screen an elegant look and feel.

EZ Folder:

EZ Folder - emotion UI

EZ folder is one more excellent feature where you can group the applications as per their nature and keep them in one place instead of scrambling all the applications with multiple icons across the different home screens. You can easily drag and drop the application shortcuts into the folders and can rename the folders as per your wish like Social, Tooks, Entertainment, Media, Navigation, Settings etc., Using this you can save lot of space on the home screen and easily give your phone's homescreen an unscrambled look and you can quickly access the applications too without scrolling through multiple screens to launch an application.
Predefined Profiles:

Emotion UI Predefined Profiles

No more reducing the volume, brighness etc., of your phone while you are in different places and situations like in meeting, travel, outside or in nights. Predefined profiles does it all for you and with just one click interface you
can switch to different profiles like Outdoor, Meeting, Sleep, Normal and you can different criteria like Volume, Vibration in Meeting Profile,  brightness, enable or disable data service, wi-fi, bluetooth, auto sync and GPS in Sleep
profile, Volume, Brighness, Sleep, Vibration in Outdoor profile.  The selection of the profiles is pretty intuitive and the graphics used in the UI is top class and its absolutely amazing to access it and enable different profiles.

Smart Tutorial/Help Center:

Emotion UI - help center

Don't fret if you are non-techie or a Layman who is not so comfortable with fiddling the settings of your smart phone, Emotion UI can be handled by anyone and everyone without much fuss and with the presence of Smart Tutorials at each junction or in Help Center really helps understanding them. Huawei has explained the usage in very simple terms and with high definition pictures to support their explanations.

Emotion UI:

Emotion UI

To start with, Emotion UI comes with 8 adjustable home screens where you can add different applications and widgets as per your wish, and the best thing happened to the Emotion UI is the different transtions which are available like Perspective, Windmill, Squeeze, Box, Flip Over, Rotate, Page and Cylinder which you can quickly change as per your like.  Also you can change the wallpapers of home screen, lock screen easily with just couple of clicks and also there are so many excellent quality pictures and backgrounds available in the UI which you can select or there are couple of settings like 'Shake to change' using which just shaking a phone will change the wallpaper randomly and another setting is 'Random Change' where you can set to change the wallpapers automatically after some stipulated amount of time like every 5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, every hour and every day which is pretty cool and gives you a different look to your phone everytime you see at it.  With Emotion UI, everything you want to perform on your phone is quickly accessible without having to search in different places.

Emotion UI - 1Emotion UI - 4

Emotion UI - 3Emotion UI - 2

Operations on the Lock Screen:

Emotion UI - lock screen

The lock screen of Emotion UI is pretty impressive too where in one can quickly launch applications like Camera, Messaging, Calls or unlock the phone just by swiping the lock icon to the relevant application you want to launch
along with unlocking the screen. You can add your favorite apps too in the lock screen instead of top, left and right icons which are by default set to Camera, Messaging and calls. And also, music player is displayed on the lock screen when there is music playing in the background. And ofcourse, you can see the clock, date and the operation info on the lock screen itself.

Notification Panel:

Emotion UI - notification

The Notification Panel can quickly accessed by swiping your finger from top to change the profiles, quickly enable or disable wi-fi, GPS, Data, Auto-Rotation, Bluetooth, Vibration, wi-fi hotspot, silent mode . Also, you can choose different brightness level with quick access button, you can switch to Airplane more,  set volume and one of the best thing availlabe in teh notification panel is the Screenshot button, with this anyone can take the screenshot of their screens without having to remember the key combinations or to remember any tips and tricks like pressing volume down + power button to take a screenshot etc.,

Emotion UI Keypad:
We must write about Emotion UI keypad which is so simple and user friendly, one can switch between a Qwerty and T9 keypad just with a swipe on the key board and also typing the numbers is not swping from top to bottom on the keys where the numbers are present unlike in other keypads where one has to long press to type the number or should use a shift key to type a number.  And one can easily switch the input method by just click the button available on top of the keypad.

Overall we are happy using the  Emotion UI and we are sure the Huawei Smartphone users would love this Intuitive UI on their devices.  Only thing which we think could help is if Huawei could come up with a way to rollback to original Android UI if at all any user want the original interface back on their Smartphones.

We will soon come up with a hands-on video too of Emotion UI where we will show all the features in action. Stay tuned.