Gone are the days when the purpose of carrying a mobile phone is only to make and receive calls or send and receive messages while you are on move. In Today's world where communication and interaction is the key to any successful business, people has to do something more than just talks to keep going. We need to send emails, pictures, videos, presentations, documents etc., to the respective clients quickly and efficiently to keep succeeding in businesses. To achieve all these there needs a mobile device which can achieve those tasks efficiently, for that a phone with big screen, sturdy processor and good memory which can handle the applications which are heavy to perform is required. That's how Smartphones came into picture which can does all these with ease and today without a smartphone, it would be tough to manage all these while you are on move.

There use to be a time when mobile games means the small games like 'snakes', solitaire, low resolution race games etc., on small phones was on trend for gaming enthusiasts and which would eventually bore the people, but with Smartphones with big screen and processors, it took gaming to different level altogether these days and today we have very high end games with High-definition quality to entertain the people. Without a Smartphone with big screen and processing speeds, this is not at all possible. Gaming on the move is the trend.

Entertainment on move: Due to the time constraints and busy schedules, people hardly get time to go watch movies in theatres, or sitting at home and these days entertainment on move is must for any people who are travelling regularly or stuck with their busy schedules. With smartphones with big screen and processor, it is indeed possible to enjoy while you travel and even you have busy schedules. One can watch high definition movies, videos, songs etc., on their smartphone while on move and keep themselves entertained, this is absolutely not possible in small phones.

Sharing: There use to be a time when you wanted to share the lovely moments and events you go through with your friends, you had to click those pictures, videos etc., using a digital camera or video camera and connect to your PC, share it with your friends and family, such a tedious process and time consuming. With smartphones, its just a click away to share those lovely moments instantly from anywhere in the world. You can share them to your social networks like facebook, twitter etc., too instantaneously. You just cannot achieve this using legacy phones and small phones.

These are just some examples which I shared for the uses of big and beautiful smartphones when compared to Small and Stealthy phones. Ofcourse, there are some disadvantages carrying a big phone, but those are negligible when compared with the amazing features and functionalities which it offers. Disadvantages like, its huge to carry in pocket, can't always operate using one hand like we operate Small phones, you cannot easily send messages quickly using one hand, make a call etc., quickly. Apart from those, I don't find any more notable disadvantages.

We had conducted a quick poll/survey with our audience regarding Big and Beautiful phones vs Small and Stealthy phones, the results too shows that, majority of the audience go with Big & Beautiful phones in comparision with Small phones. Also, some portion of the people expects medium sized phones with smartphone facilities and features on that. Here are the results shown below.

What are your thoughts about this ? Poll/Survey will be still open here, do participate and leave the comments in this post.