TechRebels got an opportunity to visit a Nokia Care Centre located in Indiranagar area of Bangalore. This service centre is one of its kind which mainly focuses on Customer satisfaction. Some of the main attractions of this care centre is the response times and ETA provided to customers in resolving their complaints. Below are the step by step procedure which they follow at their care centre.


Any customer walking into the Nokia Care, will be provided with a digital coupon by an attendant at the gate.

That customer’s number will be attended real quick as per their number and no more waiting for hours together in a service centre just to do initial check-up of the phone or to complain about your phone.

The CS executive will review the condition of the phone and if its repairable at that Service centre itself or a minor fault, they will be provided an ETA of 1 hour to get their mobile’s problem resolved. Customer may wait in the service centre itself or may come back later after 1 hour. Else, if customer wants to stay there itself, nice seating arrangements are made for customers in an Air-Conditioned hall. If a customer wish to browse internet during that time, customer may ask for Wi-Fi connection to the Centre supervisor and relevant arrangements will be made by them.


Service Centre setup is neat and transparent . Customers may directly see the engineer's working on their phones from distance.

While customer is waiting for their product to be serviced, they may shop too for latest mobiles, Nokia accessories etc., at the store setup in the same service centre. Also, they can experience the latest phones if the prototypes are available there.


Once the mobile is serviced, customers can give feedback directly to the managers at the Service Centre and also there is something like smiley board where customer can write their satisfaction or any feedback on a post-it notes and stick it using a smiley pin. And when we observed, there were indeed many post-it’s from different customers were available there as feedbacks.

There are service centre supervisors who will be constantly monitoring the tickets and make sure no engineers are breaching the SLA.

Overall, we are really satisfied with the service centre setup and the way Nokia care about their customers and their satisfaction post sales of their products.

If you are Bangalorean, and has some issues with your Nokia products, do drop in to the Nokia  Care Centre at IndiraNagar, Bangalore.