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As we all know, Nokia is leader in marketing their devices since decades. And the case is same with their all new Nokia Lumia 800 too. You might have seen promotion of Nokia Lumia on Big Billboards, on Taxis, Autos and in almost all the malls with their Amazing everyday themes across the country with Flashmobs, open events everywhere promoting their new baby. Now, this time they went one step ahead and will be promoting their brand on Sky with their out of the box promotion called 'Lumia Sky Party' which will be on 20th of Jan 2012 in Mumbai in partnership with JET Airways. Jet Airways innovates to allow brands to literally take to the skies as aircraft wraps – another first from India’s premier airline.

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Here is the press release from Jet airways.

MUMBAI: Jet Airways, India’s premier international airline and Nokia’s partnered to unveil the country’s first aircraft wrap branded with the all new Nokia Lumia in Mumbai, today, with the “Amazing Everyday Campaign”. The campaign just got a little more amazing as it Branded entirely in the new Lumia’s colours, this virtual flying billboard – a Jet Airways Boeing 737 – 800 aircraft will sport the tile interface of the new Nokia smartphone on its windows, as well as inside the aircraft. The aircraft’s branding will also features the names of Nokia employees responsible for this mammoth marketing initiative, acknowledging their contribution to the Nokia Lumia launch in India. Nokia also announced an exciting consumer competition, ‘Spot the Lumia’, where lucky winners will get an opportunity to make it to the ‘Sky Party’ on this aircraft on January 20th.

In line with its history of unique firsts, Jet Airways – India’s premier international airline sought to innovate with the aircraft wrap and virtual billboard in the sky idea to allow brands greater opportunity to be present where it mattered. After all what could be more eye catching then a large aircraft coming in to land or take off with a brand being advertised on its entire fuselage. It is a medium that will surely catch the requisite eyeballs not only with Jet Airways guests, but the entire passenger population at any airport.

Mr. Manish Dureja, Vice President, Marketing at Jet Airways further added, “The aircraft wrap is like a flying billboard that allows you to take your brand to the skies quite literally. All of us at Jet Airways are immensely proud and happy to have innovated to create another opportunity for media buyers. We are happy to partner with Nokia Lumia as our launch customer and are certain Nokia will reach out to its target customers through this unique branding opportunity. We are confident that this unique media vehicle will leverage the power of innovative brand communication to a focused group of prospects and will deliver value for money to brand managers across India that will opt to take their brands to the skies in the months ahead.”

Mr. Viral Oza, Director – Marketing, Nokia, said, “The Amazing Everyday Journey has been designed to live and share the consumer’s everyday adventures. The Nokia Lumia branded plane with Jet Airways will surely brighten the day of its passengers with its vivid colours and execution. This has created a new marketing and consumer engagement benchmark.” He added, “We have created some amazing moments for our consumers since the launch of the Nokia Lumia range through the Lumia Taxi, flash mobs, flash cricket & luxury helicopter rides, and the Lumia aircraft will take the ‘amazing quotient’ of this campaign a little higher”

The Nokia Lumia Jet Airways aircraft has already started its journey, as it flies across destinations in India from 1st January until 31st January, 2012.

Nokia had announced the ‘Spot the Lumia’ consumer competition. To participate, consumers will have to spot the Nokia Lumia -- on the plane, or outdoor, at Nokia retail or even on TV -- and upload the picture on 50 consumers with the most innovative pictures will get to attend the amazing Sky Party on January 20th. The Sky Party will be a 2 hour extravaganza on board the Nokia Lumia Jet Airways flight with some amazing experiences for consumers. The aircraft will take off from Mumbai and will land back after the party.

Images courtesy: Nokia