Samsung Galaxy Note


Tech Rebels being a part of Samsung Mobilers got an opportunity from Samsung Mobiles India to review their Latest device Samsung Galaxy Note. The Model number of Galaxy Note is GT-N7000 .

Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a large 5.3” Screen with 1st ever HD Super Amoled Display with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution for an impressive viewing experience.  Detailed specs of Samsung Galaxy Note is shown below and its also available in Samsung’s Microsite here.


My experiences with Galaxy Note.


The Design of the Samsung Galaxy Note is the exact replica of Samsung Galaxy S except the size of the screen. The design is pretty impressive with just 178 gms and can easily go into your denim pocket . When you take this device out in public, people do give a WOW look at it. Though its big, I never found problem while using it as a phone too. The moment you switch on the Galaxy Note, you will be impressed with the Display quality and the smooth scrolling of the widgets . With its powerful 1.4 GHz dual core CPU, its icing on the cake.  The processing power of this device is amazing and runs Android Ginger bread 2.3.5 . You won’t see any slog in the performance of this device even when you are doing multitasking.

Internet Experience:

One of the best thing which you can get on Galaxy Note is the browsing experience. You can easily ignore your Tablet or laptop when you have Samsung Galaxy Note in your hand. With Wi-Fi or 3G on, the experience of browsing on this device is excellent. One of the best browsing experience I had when compared to any other devices like Samsung galaxy S, HTC Desire or other manufacturer devices.  With an additional excellent S-Pen from Samsung specifically designed for Galaxy Note is an added advantage where in you can annotate the pictures , take screenshots of what you are browsing, easily navigate the pages, type without much worrying about typos. Below are some of the screenshots taken while browsing on Galaxy Note.

SC20111122-202413 SC20111122-203339

Social Media experience:

Though there are inbuilt Social Media applications like ‘Social Hub’ which is OK and does decent job, but installing additional applications like Twitter for Android, Tweetdeck and Facebook for android will truly give you excellent social media experience. I have always been a big fan of Third party apps on mobile devices rather than the native applications. You can share your pictures, videos etc., directly to your social networks via Samsung Galaxy Note. As an added advantage, you can even edit the pictures, add your own notes etc., and share it using the Stylus S-Pen which has been provided with the device. With S-Pen you can do lot of things and if you are an artist, this one is truly useful for you to create sketches etc., and share with your friends.

Multimedia Experience:

One of the best I love in Samsung Galaxy Note. An awesome 8 Megapixel camera with Autoflash and capable of Full HD video recording makes this device truly inspirational for an amateur photographers or for any newbie to experiment with the device. It can be used by professionals too who can extract its true potential. I’ve taken some pictures using this beauty and below are some of them.

20111113_170430 (Large) 20111113_171013 (Large) 20111113_171424 (Large) 20111113_171436 (Large) 20111113_172529 (Large) 20111113_172919 (Large) 20111113_174437 (Large) 20111113_174443 (Large) 20111121_190540 (Large) 20111121_191014 (Large) 20111121_191027 (Large) 20111122_102457 (Large) 20111122_102510 (Large) 20111122_102536 (Large) 20111122_102545 (Large) 20111122_102616 (Large) 20111121_194823 (Large)  20111122_102431 (Large)

Adding to the photography, the Full HD video shot on this device is too good and the video will be uploaded soon.

Continuing the multimedia experience, watching your favourite movies on Galaxy Note is truly exceptional experience especially if you are watching any HD movies. It plays it flawlessly without any lag. Just check out couple of screenshots taken while I was testing a 1080p HD video. You can watch HD youtube video via native youtube application or via browser too and you’ll just love it.

SC20111121-215625 SC20111121-215135

Now coming to Listening experience, Sound is one of the best when you wear your earphone. Amazing FM Radio application which can keep you glued listening to it. And one of the best thing with this radio application is you can even record what you are hearing which I find really useful.


Quadrant Benchmark test results:


Overall experience:

Overall, this is one of the best device which Samsung has released which is a true value for money and wouldn’t disappoint in any factors. I personally recommend this device if you are interested to buy a Smartphone cum tablet . S-PEN is one of the best thing happened to Samsung Galaxy Note, though I’ve not written much about it, you should see it or feel it to enjoy the usage of S-Pen. I’ll be creating an hands on Video Review soon and will be uploaded to the same post. Do revisit us for the same. You can order Samsung Galaxy Note from Flipcart priced at 33,500/- INR.

 Just scribbled using S-Pen on S-Memo.