We have recently brought you Exclusive Unboxing of Nokia E6 and now we have a very addictive exclusive game review on Fruit Ninja. Fruit Ninja is a very famous game for both iphone and Android devices and it is now available in Nokia  Ovi Store for Nokia E6, and it is completely free.

Fruit Ninja is a slicing game where different varieties of fruits pop-up on the screen and you have to  slice using your fingers without allowing fruits to reach the bottom of the screen and not slicing any bombs . In different modes, different styles of game can be experienced like  in  Zen mode - No bombs, No Lives, 90 secs.

Fruit Ninja has 3 different modes Classic, Arcade Mode and Zen mode.

Classic Mode 

No time limitation but you cannot miss more than 2 fruits and slicing  bomb will end the game.

Arcade Mode

Has 60 sec limitation with in which you have to slice fruits to get high scores. Any number of fruits can be dropped but hitting a bomb with deduct 10 sec of your play time.

Zen Mode

Has 90 seconds limitation and no bombs pop-up in this mode.

New backgrounds and blades will be unlocked when specific tasks are completed and you can also unlock various achievements. Very nice part of this game is that it also gives information like "There are approximately 10,000 varieties of apples grown around the world”, "One third of the world's pineapples are produced in Hawai" and many more in Sensei's fruit fact.

Fruit Ninja has excellent interface where every option can be selected only by slicing. It is a very addictive game and playing with friends to gain high scores is very fun. Also playing to break own's high score is also fun and time flies away unnoticed, it is a sure try game for pure enjoyment.

Here are few photos of Fruit Ninja's game interface and game play

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