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As we had promised in our earlier post on Nokia X7 Unboxing , here is our attempt to write about this device and our experiences in more detail.

We would be skipping directly to our experiences with different feature of Nokia X7 and would not be going to the specificiations of Nokia X7, check out our earlier post here.

Nokia X7 Design:

The Design of Nokia X7 is somewhat different compared to earlier models of Nokia. This comes with an unique Angular design with Four Grills on each of its corners, and the bottom two holds the speakers for best sound output. Back panel is curvy and gives a different look when compared to other rectangular back phones. One disappointing factor for a true gadget lover and don’t want to see a scratch on your phone, you’ll have to be extra cautious while placing your phone on your desk or some surface, if there is a dust etc., no wonder this device will get scratches on them and on the camera top glass. We would advice to go for a Rubberised Transparent Back cover case to protect it that would give some peace of mind after paying around 22000/- INR for this device.


Nokia X7 comes with 4-inch AMOLED Multi-touch with Gorilla Glass display for high durability. Almost all the earlier models of Nokia were lacking behind with their display and we must say we are really impressed with the Nokia that they have come up with this excellent one in Nokia X7. Outdoor visibility is really good even when we try to view the contents on this device even in bright sunlight.

Operating System:

Nokia X7 comes with Symbian Anna which is a revamped version of Symbian ^3 . Pretty decent icon sets and navigation is the best. You can add custom icon sets in your widgetized area in home screen which is really good. No need to go to the entire application lists to access your favourite applications.


Nokia X7 is an Entertainment power house, we must say that. If you are a true multimedia lover, this phone just fits in your bill. You will get enhanced entertainment experience while watching Videos, listening to Songs and Playing games with high definition graphics and faster games like Need For Speed etc., and we are sure Nokia X7 wouldn’t disappoint in this matter. Its a true entertainment and multimedia phone.


Though Nokia claims that X7 has Faster web browsing, new and improved web browser with Adobe Flash video support etc., I wasn’t pretty much impressed with the native browser and I had to install Opera Mini to enjoy the true browsing . Though we had set the browser settings to display high quality images, the images looked dull when we compare the browsing with browsers on Android phone. The original colours of the origin website is not visible instead we can see kind of faded images and pages. Sorry Nokia for being straight forward, but this is what I felt and my perception, it may differ for different persons.

Social Networking:

Again, Nokia disappoints with this feature too, though we can get live Twitter and Facebook feeds using native OVI softwares, Its not really great and don’t give real social media experience. Well, not to worry, whenever Nokia disappointed with social networking softwares, we have Janole’s Gravity as a saviour. I installed Gravity latest version and all set. Nokia, honest suggestion, you should really try to acquire Janole’s Gravity into Nokia officially and release it in your future Smartphones. I’m sure it will be a huge plus. Though Gravity is incomparable with some of the excellent clients for Android devices like twitter for Android, Tweetdeck, Ubersocial etc., but its really good when compared to native OVI apps for twitter and facebook. Again, Sorry for being straight forward, but I wanted to be honest with my experience.


Nokia X7 comes with 8 MegaPixel camera with dual LED Flash and with HD Video recording capacity. Takes good pictures and videos during daylight, but as someone said, Mobile cameras are used to shoot incidents and accidents and Real camera to click artistic images, whatever Megapixels we get in Smartphones, ultimately we cannot use the Smartphone cameras for all occasions and forget clicking the pictures in dark light and videos in night. Well, something is better than nothing and I take it just as an additional feature on a Smartphone. In this matter, whether its Android or any other company phones, I’m not really impressed.


Nokia X7 comes up with Wi-Fi connectivity and has 3G connectivity too for high speed internet via mobile. It has Bluetooth 3.0 which is latest and fastest using which can transfer the files wirelessly between two devices with Bluetooth. Micro-USB for connector for desktop synchronization using OVI suite and for charging. It has 3.5 mm standard audio jack for listening to your favourite music and talk while on move. There is nothing much to write about or boast about the connectivity which is almost become standard for the Smartphones these days. But just for our readers benefit, briefed about these.

Oh yes! Before I forget, I should mention about Nokia Bubbles software which you can download from OVI store. Nokia bubbles is really good if you are fed up with that boring Unlock slider on your phone. Install it and you’ll truly love it. Using which you can unlock your phone , change your profiles and you can use it to enable torch too. Below is a snapshot. Good one.

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Overall, Its a pretty impressive multimedia phone and if you are a gamer and a person who loves Games and Multimedia and looking for some decent budget Smartphone , this is the best device for you. And if you are looking for excellent browsing and social media phone, I would advice to go for any Android device which has loads of softwares which can be freely downloaded and you’ll enjoy your stay on social media.

PS: Special Thanks to Nokia’s wing Womworld for providing this Nokia X7 for trial and I hope they’ll not stop sending devices in future after reading this review :) I would love to try out my hands on Symbian Belle Phones 600, 700 and 701 next for some days. Paul at womworld dot com, Listening ??  Please do the needful.

PPS: Please bear with poor quality images taken using my HTC desire S phone, Digital camera gone kaput and had to adjust with this mobile camera.