Apple has recently announced iPhone 4S which is successor of iPhone 4 and we have a rumor/news that Apple is already working on successor of iPad 2 which will be iPad 3. Apple Insider  has published that Apple is working on a  new, smaller dock connector for iPad 3.

According to Apple Insider, its source Japanese site Macotakara reported that Apple has plans to release next generation iPad with newly, redesigned dock connector. It also reports that iPad 3 will be same size as iPad 2 but its not clear whether Retina display will be implemented in new iPad. Apple might even be producing next-gen iPad in a rush to release it by March 2012 and since Chinese New Year and National holidays are starting from 22rd Jan till 28th Jan, so apple is in a hurry to produce next-gen iPad.

Apple might be working on new , smaller dock connector but Apple will retains its propitiatory  30-pin input and electricity specification.

Here is the photos of ribbon cables from a prototype third-generation iPad sold from far east parts dealer.

                                                                                               Images from AppleInsider

If this new dock connector comes with iPad 3 then, it will create compatibility issues with present devices and forces consumers to buy new accessories from Apple or third party manufacturers.

Source & Image Courtesy : Apple Insider