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With Samsung Galaxy Tab's Amazing "Readers Hub" feature, I have lot of possibilities on GO.  "Readers Hub" is an e-reading service provided by Samsung, that delivers books, newspapers and magazines easily and simply via a Single application. You have access to a robust library of 2.3 million e-books, about 2000 kinds of newspapers in 48 languages and 3,010 magazines in 22 languages. Smart and interactive features enhance reading experience. I can use Samsung Galaxy Tab's "Readers Hub" feature in some of the below ways in my real day to day life.


Galaxy Tab Reader's Dock:

I can actually get rid of the Actual newspapers which we buy everyday at our office and set a Galaxy Tab Docks for our employees, anyone can just walk in and read their favourite newspapers from across the world and moreover they can share the interesting news with their Social media network too by using excellent highlight, select and copy feature available in Reader's Hub. Using these Docks in each location, it not only saves our Monthly Subscription charges for news papers and Magazines which are lying in our Stands in our different offices, but also, in this way we can 'Go Green' by not using papers and help environment too.

Read while you walk/travel:

With Galaxy Tab in my hand, now no need to bother buying Newspaper, magazines etc., from store and carry all the way while travelling to any place. With this light weight device and Reader's Hub on it, it just fulfils all my reading needs while I'm on travel. It just not fulfil my reading needs but I have option to choose from variety of newspapers and magazines from across the world and cool thing is its while I'm on move. No more carrying bulky bag on my shoulder for carrying my favourite Sports Magazine, Bike Magazine, Newspapers etc., Thanks to Samsung Galaxy Tab's 'Readers Hub' Feature.

Mobile Library:

With Samsung Galaxy Tab in my Palm, I can just get rid of my library at home and free up the space for something else. With 2.3 million e-books easily available with search feature , do we really need to have a library at home ? I can easily lie on my couch / bed and read my favourite books which are available in my Galaxy Tab's Readers Hub. Life's easy when you have Samsung Galaxy Tab with you. Also, with Samsung Galaxy tab in my hand, we can say good bye to Crossword and other major book stores for our Reading needs. Above all, I can open the kids books too and allow my little son to Go through and learn via my Samsung Galaxy Tab, hi-tech reading is the way to go for this new generation kids.

Check out some pictures of “Readers Hub” snipped from official demo video of Samsung


You can check out the more amazing features of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, watch out the Official Demo from Samsung Below.


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        "Now, Are you ready to Scrap your Book Shelves?"

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