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Yes, this is the first question  came in my mind and my reaction when I read the features of SamsunG Galaxy Tab on Samsung's website and saw those beautiful images of this beast which comes with some of the outstanding specifications as below.

Operating System: Latest Android OS Honeycomb 3.1
Processor - 1 GHz Dual-Core NVIDIA Tegra 2
Memory  - 1 GB (RAM) , 16/32/64 GB (ROM)
Display - 10.1" Widescreen with 1280x800 WXGA TFT LCD Screen
Size - 256.7 mm x 175.3 x 8.6 mm
Weight - Only 565 gm
Battery - Built-in 7000mAh which can play up to 9 hours of video and up to 72 hours of music
Cellular and Wireless - HSPA +21 , Wi-FI, Bluetooth 3.0 etc.,
Back Camera - 3 MP Auto-focus camera with LED Flash capable of HD (720p) video recording
Front Camera - 2 MP for video calling, chatting etc.,
Video: Full HD Playback (1080p) @30 fs
Audio : Supports Mp3, AAC, AAC+ etc., formats with Surround Sound Speakers
Mobile Office: Polaris office which can help creating and editing PowerPoint, Word and excel documents.


Out of all the above, some features which really impressed me and can't wait to get one because of them are listed below.

Firstly,  1GHz Dual-Core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, have we ever imagined in early  Year 2000 that we will be having a processor with such a capacity will be available for mobile devices which is way ahead than the processors of the Desktop PC's or Laptops which are there and we must believe that, people are still using the processors which are less speed and capability even in today's date.  Just imagine carrying this beast with this processor which you carry anywhere you want and don't miss your PC or Laptop when you want to really work faster on Move. In these days, when mobility is key to every business, this kind of fast processing unit is a must for every business individual and corporate out there.

I'd love to play the games with heavy graphics on my mobile device while on move which will be fulfilled by this processor seamlessly. No more playing boring games with low graphics when you have this beast.  Also, my little 2+ year old son too would love his play his favourite  games like Angrybirds, Asphalt etc., on this Tab.

With Polaris office on this and accompanied with 1 Ghz dual-core processor , I would completely stop using my laptop for preparing my official documents and presentations. Now I can work sitting in a theatre watching my favorite movie in parallel, not more dependency on my bulky laptop. With Office on my Tab, no more blasting from my boss in meeting deadline for the documentations (word and excel documents) and presentations even when I'm out of station, I can prepare right from whichever city am in or even while I'm travelling in Train, bus etc., and email away those in a blink without any delay. Tab saves my job as well as helps in my career growth too.

With Android's OS'es Latest Honeycomb , the entire look and feel of Mobility is changed , on top of which is empowered with Samsung's very own user interface TouchWiz 4.0 UX , its a dream come true device in one's hand. One just can't resist using it 24/7 and ditch their bulky laptop's and legacy desktops.

With the seamless capabilities of different network connectivity like Wi-Fi, 3G etc., there is no limit to sit at home or at one place to access your emails, social media etc., you can update your Social media profiles like Facebook, Google+ and twitter etc., without having or taking pain to connect your laptop, network etc., Not only just post the updates, you can lively update the pictures and Videos directly to your social networks without having to do the double work of copying the images, videos etc., to your laptop and then upload them to your social networks. I'm kind of a guy who love to live tweet/blog, live stream the events , functions etc., which I attend. When I have this beast with me, I can be more lively to my audience on Twitter, Facebook , my blog readers etc., which will help me making more popular in this space.

After writing all these, how can I even forget to write about the Amazing multimedia capabilities of this beast?? Can it happen?? With the slim and amazingly thin and wide 10.1" screen, watching HD movies with Surround Sound speakers, forget ditching laptops and desktops, I can even Ditch watching the movies in Cinema Halls and spend my time watching movies, listening to music on this beauty of mine.  If you don't believe, check out some samples in the videos below which are official Samsung promos.

Samsung Galaxy Tab – Official Demo


Samsung Galaxy Tab TV Commercial

I can keep writing on this beautiful beast for many pages, but I'll restrict myself with these and try to write more blog posts as and when I get chance to experience more with this Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

Now, its time !! Ciao later.

There will be a day when we can sing ' Tab killed the laptop' like "Video killed the Radio Star".

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You can watch the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750  and the live blog which we updated on Aug 10th 2011 here.