TechRebels got an opportunity to evaluate Bitdefender Total Security – 2012 and here is my review

Bitdefender Antivirus has come with new brand identity which looks too good and really reflects how a security software should be. Bitdefender has come up with lot of exciting features in their latest Security Suite called Bitdefender Total Security – 2012 .

Right from the installation steps , we are very impressed with this amazing product. Check out some screenshots which we took while installing this product.




Just observed the progress bar as well as the Dragon-wolf’s picture completing itself as it progresses. Installation of the application is simple and straight forward without any hassles.

Home Screen :

Below is the home screen which comes up with once the installation is completed which is pretty neat interface and comes with Auto Pilot which silently monitors your machine and cleans the viruses, malwares etc., no more annoying pop-ups.



One coolest thing about this control panel is, you can move the panels and customize them as per your wish.

module move

Your own account at Bitdefender

login page

When you register your product Bitdefender allows you to create an account with them which gives you easy access to manage your Bitdefender and with some cool features.

Once you login with your account , you can see the control panel like below using which you can view list of Bitdefender products installed, setup and manage various services. You can download latest documentation, reach out to Bitdefender Customer support and manage your account.

my account

Some of the important web features which we enabled is Facebook protection and Mobile Security.

my def services

Facebook Protection:

Social networks attract hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways of by-passing your layers of defense targeting this specific environment. Facebook protection keeps your account a virus and spam-free zone.

fb protection

Also, Bitdefender monitors all the links while you are browsing your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter , Google etc., which is absolutely foolproof and you can be sure of the links which you click. These days, short URL’s are important requirement for every websites and you never know which links actually are spam links or real links. So, this feature in Bitdefender is really good.

bitdefeder twitter

on fb

Mobile Security:

Bitdefender Mobile Security is a light anti-virus solution for mobile devices running Android. In addition, Bitdefender Mobile Security provides information about installed applications along with strong anti-theft functionality.

mobile security

Once you install the Mobile Security on your Android phone, you can track the same if you lose it too also, it has a great Malware scanner, Security Audit, Web Security features on your Android phone which give a complete protection to your phone.


CPU Load:

One of the important thing which everyone cribs about is the CPU and Memory Utilization of these antivirus agents and to my surprise, the Bitdefender agent absolutely takes very less memory and CPU usage. Just check out the screenshot below.



With all these and more exciting features, Bitdefender Total Security – 2012 is definitely a strong contender in the Antivirus Market.
If you want to try your hands on this product, you can download the trial version from

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