TechRebels.Net is happy to announce our first ever FREE Giveaway of Two Premium accounts from Binverse Usenet Accounts using which you can download 50 GB  of data from UseNet at high-speed (Uncapped Speeds - Max Out Your Internet Connection) with unlimited Validity (you have as much time as you need to use up the 50GB).

What is Binverse?
Binverse is an all-in-one Usenet solution combines premium Usenet downloads with powerful easy to use software. With Binverse you can download unlimited files at unlimited speed and it's as easy as point, click, download. With Binverse you can download up to 60GB from more than 100,000 newsgroups free.

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What is UseNet ?

Usenet is a global network of servers hosting discussion groups called “newsgroups”. Each discussion group is dedicated to a specific topic. Members post and download messages to newsgroups just like many other forms of Internet discussion groups.

Unlike traditional Internet discussion groups, newsgroups allow members to post and download messages containing discussions or messages with attached files such as pictures, videos, or any other type of file.

Binverse provides you access to Usenet, software for downloading files from Usenet, and a search engine to find what is available on Usenet. Downloading from Usenet is super easy with Binverse and because files are stored on commercial grade servers with multi-gigabit Internet connections your downloads are always lightning fast.

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Some of the important features of Binverse

Unlimited monthly downloads at unlimited speeds (as fast as your internet connection will allow)
Private and secure encrypted server connections included with every account
Uncensored Access to Over 800TB  data to download
Privacy Protected - No Server Logs & 256-Bit SSL Encryption
Browse Thumbnail Images Before You Download.
Download Any Other Type of Binary File on Usenet.
Files and messages are stored on commercial grade servers with multi-gigabit Internet connections so your downloads are always lightning fast.
Binverse protects your privacy by offering free SSL encryption with every account.
Encryption helps protect your privacy and can even assist with circumventing bandwidth throttling from your ISP.

Inside the Binverse Usenet Newsreader

Powerful Search Engine Inside Newsreader
A free Newsreader with fully integrated Usenet search
Search for files across all 100,000 Usenet newsgroups or just the newsgroups of your choice.
Search for the specific type of file you’re looking for (video, audio, photos, etc.)
Preview photo, audio, or video files directly in the newsreader.
Easily sort search results help you find what you’re looking for that much faster.


Download & Preview Videos in Usenet Client

The preview mode lets you see a clip of a video before downloading the entire file.
Members can post any size video they want.
Manage your files with newsreader file genius.
Download videos as fast as your connection will allow!


Download and Preview Audio Files

Listen to an audio file before you download with the handy preview mode.
Pause, play, rewind, or fast forward audio files directly in the Binverse Usenet software.


Thumbnail Picture Browsing and Downloading

Thumbnail picture browsing lets you preview photos before you download them.
The slide show mode lets you easily view a series of photos in the newsreader.
Photo downloads are as easy as point and click!


Download any other type of file

Download applications, documents, presentations, or any other type of file posted to Usenet.
Binverse Usenet software automatically decompress compressed files.
Easily repair corrupted files in Usenet client with PAR technology.


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Contest period: August 24th 2011 00:00 EST till September 15th 2011 23:59 EST. Lucky Winners will be announced on September 16th 2011.

We are happy to Announce the Winner of this Giveaway.

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Congratulations to the Winners and they will be contacted via their email.

Some Terms and Conditions:

1. Only one entry allowed per person, however you are allowed to share or tweet as many times as possible, but only one entry will be eligible for the draw.
TechRebels or Binverse does not endorse the use of Binverse application for illegal activity or copyright infringement.
3. Any question / enquires regarding Binverse and their products, you should contact 24/7 Binverse
support team
4. Contest period: August 24th 2011 00:00 EST till September 15th 2011 23:59 EST..
5. The two winners will be chosen via Randomizer website . NO arguments with organizer or binverse is entertained once the winners are announced.
6. By participating in this contest, you agree to the T&C said above.

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