If you are one of the victims of Troll attack on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc., in India,  this post might help you.

Since recent past some people on Twitter has been abusing and harassing most of the women and some men too on Twitter with his inflammatory and insulting tweets towards them causing mental stress and agony to them. They operate with different twitter handles. Everytime they get blocked or made twitter to suspend their account or delete their account, they would come back with a new account and start trolling the same people again and again. Apparently, getting a new twitter account is a minute’s job which is well used by Trolls and abusers.

The reason for writing this post is to provide an awareness on how and to whom to report if you are also victim of Trolls and their attacks.

The first step is you should have proof to report, so make sure you take the screenshots of the abusive tweets, not just the URL’s or links of the tweets which a person deletes it, no way to get back without Twitter’s help itself or may be Cyber Crime Police might help retrieving them, but as a initial step, it would be better if you capture the screenshots of the abusive tweets or messages towards you. Make a solid report and Send a email to Cyber Crime Police’s email account cbiccic@bol.net.in and also send the complaint to the below address and appropriate action will be taken against the person whom you report.

Cyber Crime Police Station
Block No.3, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road,
New Delhi - 3
Phone: 4362203
email id: cbiccic@bol.net.in

If you find this post useful, you may tweet  this and share with your friends on Facebook etc., and spread awareness and let’s keep the social media clean.