FB spam-1

A new Facebook spam “Osama Dead – Censored Video Leaked” is spreading heavily on Facebook. We advice our users not to click any such link. By clicking on any such link you will allow that malicious application to access your information and that will in turn allow it to post the same link to all your friends wall and there on spread like venom.

Note, Its just a fake application and no such video exists. Just use your common sense and don't fall prey for these kind of links and applications on Facebook.

Cybercriminals, looking to get your personal information by having you click on a link, or spammers trying to get you to buy rogue anti-virus software the same way, are also "liking" Facebook - and Twitter - a lot in recent days to "spread malicious links claiming to be images of bin Laden's death," says Kaspersky Lab.

Behind the success is how quickly such links can be disseminated, "the implied trust of social network contacts" and the "prevalence of shortened URLs," the company says.

"We were especially concerned about the potential distribution of malware on social networks, because of their speed of propagation," says Kaspersky Lab expert Vicente Diaz on a company blog. " So we have been monitoring Twitter, getting some million tweets and a huge number of URLs too. No surprise here as when the news was announced there were 3500+ tweets per second.

"We urge you to be very careful to avoid these scams." Also, make sure you don’t click the short URL’s on twitter blindly.

** Share the news and stop these scams **