SA This can happen only on twitter. The Guy , Sohaib Athar who was casually tweeting the happenings when he was awake at Midnight would have never imagined he would become a start overnight and become the attraction to the world media. He was unaware that it was Osama’s Raid on that night until he came to know from the press conference of Mr. Barack Obama. At this point within 24 hours he has got 85,000 followers for him on twitter which is not a easy task for a common man like him. 

Check out his first tweet about the incident and the tweets after that.


Eventually, hackers utilized this opportunity and his website was hacked, According to internet security lab Websense, someone installed code on Sohaib Athar's blog that attempts to install malware on any visitors' computers. That's potentially a lot of people, Sohaib now has over 85,000 followers, no wonder he will get more than a Million followers soon.