Facebook has introduced a new service that allows users to report the people who post Suicidal content on their walls.

The 'Report Suicidal Content' form asks for some basic details like your email address, web address (URL) leading to the suicidal content, date posted, and the full name of the person who has posted the content etc., so that a Facebook administrator can take any available action from Facebook's end. Also, as a first important step, you should contact law enforcement immediately if you see suicidal content on the site.

Taking into the consideration of the Facebook's exponential growth in recent times, its probably right that the site has rolled out a service like this. In recent report from Seatleapi, a 12 year old girl who gone missing since mentioning on Facebook that she planned to kill herself.

The launch follows a number of reported cases in which Facebook users posted messages before attempting suicide, and the death  of Simone Back in December last year, who told 1,048 Facebook friends that she had taken an overdose. According to The Guardian, a message she posted on Facebook Christmas night read: "Took all my pills, be dead soon, bye bye everyone.

Through Facebook's help page, 30 million UK Facebook users can now submit reports by clicking on the link here –> Click

In order to raise awareness, Facebook also has also joined with the Samaritans facebook group.